November 08, 2013

Ms T Bakery Ejuice is a Scam Watch Out

When I ordered from [scam ejuice site MsT taken out] I was told that it would be slow.  Her site says that it will take 4-8 days from order to shipping.  Not so bad.  I ordered a rose and a violet water based on my love of floral juices and a friend's recommendation.  I had no idea, 4 weeks later that I would still be waiting for my order to even be processed. That money was taken out of my bank  account the day I ordered.  There are a lot of warnings on the owner, mother of two, blah blah blah.  I am also.  I get it.  What I don't get is her statement (on her site!) that she refuses to answer emails about where an order is.  Three emails later, including having my money refunded because I've waited so long.  No response at all.  I'm so disappointed.  I'm surprised she is still in business. 

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