November 08, 2013

A New Lease on Life: The Birth Of The Active Lifestyle Vaper

Just this past Sunday a Vaper ran the New York Marathon whilst vaping all along the way.

Electronic cigarette companies may be averse to discussing the possible health benefits of transitioning from smoking to vaping, but the customers tend to be a little less bashful on the subject.  Most will waste hardly a moment explaining the product before launching into all the improvements cutting smoke out of their lives has had.

Research into ex-smoking vapers tends to report overall improvements in ability to smell and taste, capacity for exercise, endurance, breathing, and even sex drive.  Meanwhile, common side effects of smoking tend to diminish.  This includes smoker’s cough, urge-related stress, smokey odor, and more.  This has given many e-cig users a second chance to live healthy and active lives.

Thus comes the active lifestyle or clean living vaper.

Smokers are told constantly about the health repercussions of the choice they make to smoke.  Presumably, smoking-related complications eventually kill half of all smokers.  Even those smokers that survive smoking’s effects feel the impact of the damage done to their lungs — making even a single flight of stairs a herculean effort for some.  All this tends to endure years of attempts to quit sometimes burning up thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on the effort.

In face of what can feel like such a hopeless downward spiral into lung, heart, and even brain disease, it’s easy to lose ground in other areas of health-conscious living.  This certainly isn’t the case for all smokers (I’m met plenty far more healthy than I), but it’s definitely a story most of us have seen or heard.

Then comes electronic cigarettes.  There’s still quite a lot of debate on the subject of electronic cigarettes and their effects on users.  But some 50 studies, countless personal stories from consumers, and preliminary expert review of the products suggest that they can replace tobacco cigarettes, cut out 99% of the damage, and still fulfill the addictive urges of their users.  Again, many report massive and often almost immediate improvements in health and body function (again, not necessarily the case for everyone, but common enough to be of note).

For many, this change is so unexpected and so awe inspiring, that they become the kind of active people they never thought they could be.  Some, having smoked for decades, never even though climbing a few flights of stairs was within their grasp.

The electronic cigarette market has its ultra-fanatic do-it-yourselfers, anti-nicotine cloud-devourers, casual bar-night disposables crowd, and many more subcultures.  This is rapidly becoming a full-fledged part of the vaping world.

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