November 11, 2013

A prohibitionist Top 10

Yesterday I wrote that the HuffPo came out with a reasonably terrible top 9 list of prohibitionist rhetoric. Well, not to be outdone by a rag like the Huffington Post, Market Watch came up with a top 10 list along a similar theme. If you're a fan of straw man arguments, this should make for a great read. If you're not, be prepared to be enraged by insinuations like you haven't actually quit smoking.

Nice commercial for Big Pharma, eh? Of course it's easy to say that when e-cigarettes aren't supposed to be a cessation product. I don't hear the same yahoos claiming people using the patch are still “smokers.” Apparently Big P is now the arbiter of semantics in our society.

Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!
Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!

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