November 19, 2013

Fogger V2 for Ecig review economy priced RBA tank

Archaviator wrote this review that I am pasting bellow. This review is posted with his permission. In the picture Archaviator has the Frogger V2 RBA on top of a Nemesis clone which look really cool. I think it looks way better than the Russian 91 on the Nemmy clone. 
"The overall build feels very nice, Does not feel like a cheap RBA.  The Fogger however can be tricky to setup efficiently. I have tinkered with it and feel that a folded over 2mm Silica Wick and a "Flavor wick" of the same 2mm Silica on top minus the suggested O-Ring works best for me and is Rivaling my Igo-L on flavor.  It looks very good on top of the Nemesis clone as it seems to be machined in the same spiral pattern. For the price this is a very decent RBA, and much easier to work on than it looks." He also wanted me to add that there is a way to fix the short issue in the box and it is important to do that and I should point out there are alot of orings and it can be tricky to figure them out. But as a whole the Fogger is the best economically priced RBA tank.You can get it here for under 21 dollars.

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