November 19, 2013

16 Ways Electronic Cigarettes Are Better Than Sex

Woman lying on red satin sheets.
Woman lying on red satin sheets.

Here are 15 reasons why ecigarettes are better than sex. Give us your suggestion for number 16 and you could win three bottles of eliquid!

1. Your ecig doesn’t care when you use another ecig.

2. You can play with different eliquids at the same time (just check out the variety here), or with several different electronic cigarettes, one after the other.

3. After you use an ecig, you don’t need to cuddle it.

4. (On the other hand, it’s happy to be held even when it is spent.)

5. When an ecig runs out of juice, you can just fill it up and go all over again.

6. Your e-cigarette is always hard when you need it.

7. You can try an ecigarette for free at any Smoker’s Angel shop before you commit.

8. When you get bored with your ecig, you can just get another one and it won’t complain.

9. Ecigs don’t get jealous.

10. You can choose the exact colour and length of ecigarette you want, whether it’s a small and white ecigarette – or a big black one.

11. And an ecigarette is always exactly the length it claims to be.

12. You can use an e-cigarette in public without getting arrested.

13. And you can use an e-cigarette in our office without being fired.

14. As long as you keep it charged, your e-cigarette is always ready to perform.

15. And if you’re not in the mood, it won’t complain.

16. This one’s up to you!

Leave a comment below with your entry for reason 16 before the 26th of November.

Our favourite will win 3 bottles of Smoker’s Angel eliquid (click here to view the range).

We’ve also got one bottle of eliquid to give away for our next 5 favourite comments.

Please keep your ideas to suggestive innuendo, any x-rated responses will be enjoyed but not published (i.e. don’t take the level even lower than it already is )

Don’t think e-cigarettes are better than sex? No problem, because they also complement it.

1. After a long steamy session in the sack, what’s better than a post coital vape.

2. Research by Dr Wel Hung shows that e-cigarettes make us horny. Check it out here!

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