December 02, 2013

New Study Finds High Levels of eCig Awareness Even Without Big Tobacco Ads

A recently published study out of San Diego about awareness and use of e-cigarettes sheds some interesting light on the devices. The survey was conducted prior to Big Tobacco's entry into the market, meaning this study shows awareness before all the slick advertising caught traction. The study found that a majority of Americans knew about e-cigarettes. Also, a large number of smokers were using the devices to quit traditional cigarettes.

Somehow it seems unlikely those calling for bans because it might confuse people are probably blowing hot air, but we already knew that. However, what is interesting is that this study found that at least half of all smokers in the US may be able to be converted to vaping. Once again it goes to show the scale of the harm prohibition can cause against the population.  Of course that will be ignored in favor of the potential 2.3 percent of Americans who are non smokers and might try vaping.  And of course the kids, even though the study has no way of knowing how many teens might be converted to smoking because of e-cigarettes. Hint: it's zero.

Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!
Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!

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