December 04, 2013

SoveMesto Nivel (Brushed)

SoveMesto Nivel (Brushed)


My apologies,  I’ve been told by SoveMesto that this is the “BRUSHED” version of the Nivel mod, not the Gamma.  Everything else is still correct though 

I honestly had no idea that SoveMesto ( creator of the KayFun ) were even making a mod.  Much less a variable voltage / variable wattage mod with a Nivel chip on the inside. 

This is my first experience with the Nivel chip and the interface they have on this mod is a ‘one button” menu system, somewhat like the ProVari. 

This is a 22mm, stainless steel mod.  They offer different sized tubes to hold different sized batteries, as well as different style top caps.  some are beveled like in the picture above, but the flat top has to be my favorite so far.  The KayFun sits on top very nicely. 

Adjustable center pin makes a solid connection every time.  The adjustable bottom connection is also adjustable to fit different sized batteries ( button top or flat top ) 

Technical data
  • Broadband voltage: 3,0 Volt – 6,0 Volt.
  • Maximum power: 15 Watts.
  • Lowest working resistance: 1,0 Ohm.
  • Maximum amperage: 3.0A – 3.5A
  • Display: bipartite seven-segment display and illuminated switch via LED. Reverse battery protection with additional LED
  • Controls: button.
  • Variable voltage mod, 0,1V steps
  • Variable wattage mode, 0,2W steps from 3-10W, 0,5W steps from 10-15W
  • Sleep mode: On/Off via 3 fast clicks on the switch.
  • Shows battery charge with and without firing in the menu.
  • Battery status can be displayed while usage.
  • Brightness of display illumination adjustable in 5 shades.
  • Ohmmeter
  • Time limit for firing: 15s, the device will shut down into standby mode after pressing the button for 30s. 
  • Protection against overheating: Error is shown, when the ship hit a temperature over 60°C.
  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse battery protection

Lowest working resistence is 1.0ohms, so no sub-ohming on this.  My 1.7ohm Kayfun at a solid 4v is giving a very nice ( and damn good looking vape ) 

More info can be found here on the SoveMesto website

Obviously I will be putting this mod through it’s paces, and reporting back via YouTube how it performs and functions in the real world. 


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