December 05, 2013

Editorial Comes Close to Getting eCigs, Drops the Ball

An editorial in the LA Times got me excited for a minute. At first it was all like banning e-cigarettes may be overreacting without any real evidence of harm.  And I was all like, oh yeah!  But then it got toward the end, and the article took an unexpected turn.

Yes and no. So far, there is enough research to raise concern about exposure to secondhand vapor in close quarters. One German study found low levels of toxins in the vapor, and this year, the German Cancer Research Center concluded that harm to secondhand inhalers couldn't be ruled out because of the presence of metals and carcinogenic chemicals in the vapor. If the purpose of smoking bans is to protect nonsmokers — or in this case, non-vapers — from being forced to inhale against their will, then government agencies should be prudent and prohibit vaping indoors, just as the Federal Aviation Administration has prohibited it on airplanes.

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Well drat, despite there being tons of studies that say otherwise, they picked the German studies that actually aren't that bad, but like many, the findings were more about gut instincts than science.

Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!
Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!

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