December 06, 2013

ALA Wants Michigan Minors to Access eCigs, Lawmakers Suspicious

The ALA has been going on a state-by-state mission to ensure minors have legal access to e-cigarettes. I suppose it makes it easier to argue e-cigarettes are a gateway for youth that way. Michigan is the latest target of this surreal campaign. However the state's lawmakers don't seem to be swayed by the unrealistic demands of the anti-smoking group.

Michigan considers restricting electronic cigarette sales, but health advocates don’t like the proposals |
Jones, R-Grand Ledge, said “they're asking for the moon” in trying to add taxes and other regulations, and that all he's trying to do at this point is to protect children from them. He said it's a false fear that his legislation would preclude e-cigarettes from other regulations.

“I'm very concerned because I know electronic cigarettes are getting very popular, and they come in flavors like root beer. Obviously I don't want them to be sold to anyone under 18 so they develop a habit,” Jones told lawmakers at the hearing.

It just seems reprehensible to me that a charity, or anyone, would use kids as pawns to acheive their own goals. What makes it worse is that those goals are in conflict with what's right for public health.


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