December 09, 2013

France Apparently Runs Country Like a School Playground

A French tobacconist recently whined all the way to a French court about e-cigarette companies not being controled by the state monopoly on tobacco products.  Despite not being classified as anything, really, in the country a judge ruled that this move somehow totally broke the pinkie promise the country made to tobacco sellers, and e-cigarette shops shouldn't be allowed to sell… e-cigarettes.

“If these shops have all their rights, including that of advertising, I don’t see why tobacconists don’t also have those rights,” she said.

On Monday the court in Toulouse delivered a verdict in her favour.

It ruled that despite containing no tobacco, e-cigs were substitute tobacco products, and therefore should be liable to the same laws as tobacco.

Judges ruled that the devices should be subject to France's state imposed monopoly on tobacco, which stipulates cigarettes and other products can only be sold in registered outlets.

In making the ruling judges rejected the arguments of Esmokeclean that e-cigarettes are not currently subject to any regulations and therefore should not fall under the tobacconist’s monopoly.

The store’s lawyer announced an immediate appeal meaning for the moment the court’s judgement is not applicable.

via French court rules e-cigs are tobacco products – The Local.

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