December 10, 2013

Surprise opposition derails Emanuel’s e-cigarette ban – Chicago Sun-Times

Score one for the vapers in the battle of the city ordinances. What would have been a significant e-cigarette ban in the city of Chicago was thwarted when vapers turned out in force to oppose the legislation.  Not only that, but there were quite a few aldermen in the council which also felt the idea wouldn't have been great for Chicagoans.

But a surprise outpouring of opposition derailed the mayor’s plan to regulate e-cigarettes as “tobacco products” subject to Chicago’s smoking ban.

That would have moved them behind the counter of retail stores, banned the sale to minors, prohibited adults from smoking e-cigarettes in virtually all of indoor Chicago and empowered the city to license e-cigarette dealers.

Aldermen from across the city questioned whether the vapors from e-cigarettes are any more dangerous to bystanders than a humidifier, a cup of tea or a pot full of boiling water used to cook pasta.

They further argued that the ban would discourage smokers from using e-cigarettes to kick the habit.

via Surprise opposition derails Emanuel’s e-cigarette ban – Chicago Sun-Times.

The aldermen in opposition frequently referred to vapor as water vapor, which may be a little off. But if nothing else, it shows that they weren't taken in by the anti-vaping carpet baggers that tend to frequent these local city meetings.

Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!
Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!

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