December 12, 2013

Like the Unicorn, 2nd Hand Vapor Doesn’t Exist (Sorry Bronies)

A new study has been published by the Clearstream project.  This is the same project that did some excellent early work in determining the levels of chemicals in e-cigarette vapor as opposed to the liquid itself.  The study simulated real world conditions by comparing the room are after a group of people smoked and then after a different group vaped.  The smoky room is unsurprising.  What is surprising is the amount of stuff found in the vaping test: jack squat.

St. Paul uncertain about e-cigarettes | The Cities | Minnesota Public Radio
St. Paul uncertain about e-cigarettes | The Cities | Minnesota Public Radio
The researchers compared the constituents of room air during passive vaping to those present during passive smoking. During passive smoking, levels of chemicals were as follows (all in micrograms per cubic meter):

Nicotine: 34
Acrolein: 20
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: 9.4
Carbon monoxide: 11
Xylene: 0.2
Toluene: 1.7

The detected levels of these same chemicals during the passive vaping session were as follows:

Acrolein: 0
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: 0
Carbon monoxide: 0
Xylene: 0
Toluene: 0

via The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary: First Study to Examine Passive Vaping Under Real-Life Conditions Finds No Chemicals of Concern in Room Air.

The link above connects to Dr. Siegel's excellent summary of the experiment, so it's definitely worth a visit. I'm sure now this will put an end to all the public use e-cigarette ban nonsense and prohibitionists will promptly apologize.  And yes, unicorns will then fly around the rainbow planet.

Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!
Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!

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