December 12, 2013

Wales: Smoking Kills, so Let’s Keep it That Way

Public Health Wales took a look at the smoking epidemic and decided the best way to tackle it is to keep doing the same thing. To support this idea, e-cigarettes should be restricted as to not interfere with the current course of denormalization. After all, when efforts seem to have done all they can do, the best way to get over the hump is to keep doing them.

However, she added: “Like regular cigarettes, e-cigs should be prohibited in workplaces, educational and public places to ensure their use does not undermine all of the good work that has gone into smoking prevention and smoking cessation by reinforcing or normalising the habit.”

PHW said one person died from smoking-related illness every 90 minutes in Wales, with smoking the biggest cause of avoidable ill health and early death in the UK.

via BBC News – Public Health Wales calls for public places e-cigs ban.

Why try a disruptive new technology that lets smokers voluntarily stop using tobacco cigarettes when it could threaten the hard work everyone's done to make smokers look icky?

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