December 14, 2013

NY Post May Deliver Higher Concentrations of BS than Other Newspapers

The New York Pos recently ran a story with the link-bating headline e-cigarettes are more toxic than regular cigarettes. This was based on a different story that dental researchers were going to look into whether or not e-cigarettes somehow magically deliver more toxins than cigarettes. Apparently as far as the post is concerned, idle musings that don't make sense count as proof as long as it's someone with a PhD speculating.

E-cigarette users may be getting higher concentrations of toxins than regular smokers because they inhale deeper and more frequently when they puff, NYU researchers say.

Although they are often touted as a safer alternative, e-cigs, introduced in the States in 2007, haven’t been in use long enough to determine their health effects, said Dr. Deepak Saxena, of NYU’s College of Dentistry.
“We have no scientific data to show that nicotine at this concentration is safe,” said Saxena, an associate professor of basic science and craniofacial biology.

via E-cigs may deliver more toxins than smoke, researchers say | New York Post.

Then again, it seems to fit the standards any more when it comes to e-cigarette research.  If it's negative, even if it's written on a cocktail napkin after a hooker and blow marathon, it's concrete proof. Anything that shows a positive benefit isn't sufficient or is inaccurate.  God himself probably couldn't prove e-cigarettes are a good idea.

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