December 15, 2013

Story Looks for Kids’ Gateway, Finds Adults Gateway (away from cigarettes)

The Sacramento Bee rain a reasonably in-depth article on e-cigarettes, trying to cover the controversy from all sides. The post included more than just the passing quote from a store owner and gave a fair amount of coverage to both friend and foe alike. It seemed that ultimately, the story fell down when it came time to present evidence of the great e-cigarette gateway.

Nicotine flavors available at Royal Vapes carry names with a youth slant: Air Headz, Flatline and Curious Jorge.

Kenny Hammon, 19, says he likes that the smell from vaporized nicotine isn't offensive like cigarette smoke. He smokes about half a pack daily and wants to quit.

Last week, he bought his first vaporizer at Sublime Vape, a shop in central Fresno that opened this year. His first pick for a nicotine flavor: sour candy. It tastes “like a Popsicle,” he says. His second choice: sweet honeydew.

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Still, the story raises an interesting question.  What about the unintended consequences?  Most prohibitionists and media outlet want to focus on a conspiracy that doesn't exist.  That's the wrong approach because it's based on some new anti-tobacco religion. It seems there's a pragmatic question that's getting ignored. There will be a percentage of non-smokers who might like to “play” with e-cigarettes, is that acceptable and what should be done?  So far nobody is focusing on that question.

Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!
Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!

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