December 17, 2013

Do Prohibitionists Honestly Think 6 Year Olds Target eCig Market?

The anti-tobacco set has been on this e-cigarettes trying to hook kids paranoid conspiracy theory kick for some time now. Things weren't really helped with the CDC releasing stats that were juked to put it mildly.  Now someone over at Tobacco Free Kids must have soiled themselves when someone dug up a vapor shop billboard with a picture of santa on it.

Now one e-cigarette retailer has stooped to a new low in copying Big Tobacco’s playbook. Vapor Shark features Santa Claus in a billboard ad for its e-cigarettes that was spotted on I-95 in Miami. The company’s products come in a wide variety of flavors including “Candy Cane Menthol,” “Sour Apple” and “Blueberry Waffle.”

via HO HO – OH NO! – Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids.

“Holy golly gee you guys, we totally have proof they are marketing to kids.”  Well, one of two things is happening.  Either they are complete idiots, or they assume everyone else is.  They are correct, Santa is a big hit among the kids. The really young kids.  Most other kids catch on to the Santa thing when they're in 1st or 2nd grade (spoilers).

So either Tobacco Free Kids really thinks people are trying to convince people just one year past the demo for Bob the Builder to start taking on nicotine.  Or, maybe they think you won't notice since they had you at “the kids.”

Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!
Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!

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