December 29, 2013

X1 ecig RBA rebuildable atomizer that is a cheap and great performing

You can get the X1 here for under $4.50 It is a great step up from using clearos and other none rebuildables on your ecigaretes. You can learn to make coils on this in under 5 min. Then once you get good it should be under a minute.

I drilled a hole on each side but be careful drilling out holes use a vise or have a semi professional do it for you. To make the air holes you drill the first hole on the grove of the the 3rd rib up where if you put a pin in it it forms a 90 degrees angle to the coil. The second hole should be on the other side. Many don't drill extra holes and they are really happy. I just think the extra air flow is a nice touch especially if you are going sub ohm on you ecig. The X1 RBA is really really easy to build on. I recommend it for people like me with a couple RBAs. I highly recommend getting a X1 RBA for all vapers here for 4.50. It comes in 5 different colors to go with you ecigarette color. A step up from it is the trident clone which I think is really easy to build on two but is almost four times more expensive.

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