January 02, 2014

Pundit Uses Newfangled without Irony, Clings to old eCig Fears

An opinion piece out of Canada comes along with an unexpected headline that honestly refers to e-cigarettes as “newfangled.” It is an old-fashioned word used to express old-fashioned and unfounded fears about e-cigarettes.  I can't help but imagine this piece was penned by Grandpa Simpson.

Now most of the e-cigarettes sold here are made in China, where there is very weak government regulation with respect to how they are made. The Canadian government does not know if Chinese workers making cigarettes wear masks. If they aren't wearing masks, there are increased risks associated with tuberculosis.

Some brands imported here contain small amounts of nicotine, even though they are portrayed as nicotine-free. It is illegal to buy e-cigarettes containing nicotine, but even minors can buy them online without proof of age.

via Government must better regulate newfangled e-cigarettes – Columnists – Cape Breton Post.

Oh did I forget to mention the old-timer also made a thinly veiled statement that the Chinese factory workers are unclean and could be spreading disease by merely breathing on products?  After all China is an exotic place, so far away by ocean liner.  It's not like everything we put in or around our bodes is made there.

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Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!

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