January 02, 2014

Taking Fewer Smoking Breaks Somehow Poisoning Vaping Swedes

I see so much stupidity in regards to e-cigarette reporting on a regular basis, I would have a difficult time telling you what the dumbest thing I've ever heard is.  I can tell you this article is certainly the dumbest thing in 2014. It turns out by not taking smoking breaks, e-cigarette users in Sweden are apparently poisoning themselves by chain vaping at their workstations.

The liquids used for e-cigs contain concentrated amounts of nicotine and are being blamed for poisoning children who accidently drink the fluid. In May 2013, an Israeli 2 year old reportedly died after drinking the fluid and ingesting a lethal dose of nicotine.

In Sweden, 29 cases of nicotine poisoning were attributed to e-cigs last year. Due to less strict requirements, e-cig users are able to use in more places, which may be leading to accidental overdoses as users are not required to wait for a smoking break.

via Nicotine Poisoning Blamed on E-cigs – News Channel Daily.

I just don't know what to say.  I think this may be in the running for the dumbest thing since that WHO spokesperson said cigarettes were safer because they have filters.

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Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!

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