January 07, 2014

ECR Interviews Researcher on Long-Term Vaping

Our friends over at e-Cigarette Reviewed published an interview with researcher Jean-Francois Etter about his recent study on the impact of long-term vaping.  It's a good read all around, but keep in mind this is not what should be considered a conclusive study.  Even so, it demonstrates some major potential with e-cigarettes.

No ex-smokers in your study who were vaping relapsed to daily smoking – why do you think the relapse rate is so low? Do e-cigs really seem to be that effective, or is it likely to be just a quirk of the sample selection process?

JFE: Both elements played a role here, But the effect is so large (normally 95% of ex-smokers relapse within one year) that it cannot be attributed only to selection problems, there must be a real effect here. E-cigs most probably prevent relapse in former smokers.

via Interview with Professor Jean-Francois Etter on Long-Term Vaping.

That's a huge deal in comparison to traditional NRT. Even if 50% of that can be attributed to sampling bias, that's still significantly better than anything else.  It also seems to blow the whole gateway argument out of the water.

Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!
Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!

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