January 08, 2014

Study Finds Young Adults not Much Different from Anyone Else

A Minnesota study looked to correlate e-cigarette attitudes with experimentation.  The study first surveyed young adult participants on e-cigarette attitudes and the completed a follow-up survey to see who actually used e-cigarettes.

Study lead author Kelvin Choi, PhD, said that participants who agreed e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking and those who agreed that e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes were more likely than those who did not agree to subsequently report experimenting with e-cigarettes.Specifically, the follow-up study found that 7.4 per cent of participants who had never used an e-cigarette at baseline reported subsequently using an e-cigarette, with 21.6 per cent among baseline current smokers, 11.9 per cent among baseline former smokers, and 2.9 per cent among baseline nonsmokers reporting use.

via E-cigarettes perceived benefits may lead to higher experimentation rates , AniNews.in.

Since the survey only looked at ever use, it doesn't tell much of a story, without knowing if that group continued with e-cigarettes. Experimentation and continued use are two different things.  Examining if the smokers in the group eventually ditched cigarettes for e-cigarettes was outside of the scope, but would have also provided some interesting insight.

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