August 17, 2012

Latest Studies Confirm E-Cigarette Vapor Safety

The 30-second TV ad shows a large tanker truck driving through Austin as a worker in a haz-mat suit sprays unsuspecting residents with thick, billowy clouds of noxious fumes. People at an outdoor restaurant, kids playing in a park and pedestrians strolling along a path react in horror and disgust as they are enveloped by the sooty smoke.Despite the fact that many anti-smoking groups proclaim that Propylene Glycol (PG), the chemical used to produce e-cigarette vapor, is dangerous, many artificial smoke machines use PG, which is generally considered less hazardous than artificial smoke produced from a liquid base of mineral oil.


Frank said:

I think you are in denial of the errros in your thinking and comments. How can someone smell like an ashtray if they are not smoking> Its not smoke thats coming out of there because you need to burn something in order to get smoke which is not what happens with this product. The sexiness comment is kinda off since tobacco ads have been under a lot of scrutiny and controversy regarding how they use actors(models) in their ad campaigns. Please get your facts straight.

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