October 10, 2013

Behold the Future of Big Tobacco e-Cigarettes?

I often wonder what a future will look like if the anti-smoking lobby and the tobacco industries get their way and pass regulations that would effectively hand the industry over to Big T. Well, perhaps this article that turned up in Businessweek might be a harbinger of things to come.  Even though most tobacco companies have their own e-cigarette lines, they've also been at work coming up with other “solutions.”

Marlboro Man Dons Lab Coat to Find Next Big Tobacco Hit: Retail

The device Bonvin puffs in the lab looks like a hollowed-out fountain pen. A custom-built cigarette is inserted and its tobacco is heated to generate a smoking aerosol. The temperature is “significantly below” what’s generated by a traditional cigarette, which burns tobacco, PMI has said.

While that lessens the health risk, Bonvin says the device still “needs to mimic as closely as possible a cigarette, both in taste, nicotine delivery and behavioral experience.”

Competitors are taking other routes. British American Tobacco Plc (BATS), Europe’s biggest player, is using an aerosol technology found in asthma inhalers. Both companies say their products aren’t intended to help smokers quit; rather, they promise to deliver a safer, more satisfying experience than the current crop of e-cigarettes.

And people wonder why vapers are so vigilant when it comes to e-cigarette regulations. Some are even saying activist vapers are part of an Astroturf movement. No, we just don't want to depend on Big T's ideas to keep using cigarettes.

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