October 11, 2013

Potion Vape eLiquid Review – Two For Friday

Spinfuel eLiquid Review - Potiion Vape Coco Roons and Tropical Afternoon
Potion Vape eLiquid Review – Two For Friday

As we make our way through the lineup of eLiquids from Potion Vape, we’re learning more and more about how premium eJuice is an art form more than it is simply following a recipe. An art form that allows the artist to bring out the nuance of a flavor extract, layering flavor upon flavor, and doing so in a manner that allows the Vaper to experience not only terrific flavors, but an abundance of vapor and the satisfaction of a nice ‘vape’.

There are so many eLiquid companies today, and surely more to come tomorrow, but the artists, the ones with incredible talent that rivals the master chefs in the grand restaurants over the world… the real artists are few and far between.  It is this access to the best of the best that makes our job at Spinfuel eMagazine one of the best jobs around.

Today we’re looking at two flavors, once again in the BasicPotion line (a blend of PG and VG) that are as different from each other as we could imagine. These two flavors are a smooth and delicious ‘macaroon’ flavor and a delightful, full-bodied ‘tropical’ eJuice that presents itself in a new, and unexpected way… What a great way to close out the workweek. But first….

About Potion Vape eLiquids

Potion Vape offers 15ml and 30ml sizes, in cobalt blue glass bottles with glass eyedroppers. Each bottle is shrink-wrapped to protect freshness and to create a tamper-proof seal. The 15ml bottle is $10.95; the 30ML bottle is $17.95. Premium prices for premium quality, it’s as simple as that.

Nicotine strengths are 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. A zero-nicotine eJuice is also offered.

Potion Vape uses the highest quality, USA sourced ingredients, and their flavors do not contain artificial flavors, artificial colors, gum acadia, anthem gum or caffeine. Even their nicotine is organic.


The labels are personalized for every customer. They contain the name of the customer, in our case the words “Spinfuel Review Team” is printed on the label, along with the name of the juice, the “line”, the size, nicotine strength, the ingredients, and even the date the juice was mixed and bottled. Potion Vape is certainly ready for any regulations that come down from the FDA.

OrganaTine Line

The OrganaTine line uses ONLY Vegetable Glycerin providing a 100% PG free e-liquid.  Organic and/or natural flavors are used to create authentic flavors with no artificial residue or aftertaste.


The standard BasicPotion line is created using a mix of PG and VG at a ratio of 50/50, or thereabouts. Some recipes may call for slightly different ratios, and because Potion Vape is all about delivering the best eJuice possible they will not be a slave to the 50/50 PG/VG ratio.

The addition of PG adds flavor and allows for bigger throat hits. Using the same organic and/or natural flavors creates the best combination for a great vape.

Every eLiquid by Potion Vape is available in both the OrganaTine and BasicPotion formula. Since our team prefers a PG/VG mix all the reviews since last Friday’s review are from the BasicPotion line.

The Review Process

Potion Vape offers more than 40 eLiquid flavors, running the gamut from tropical to minty, and coffee flavors to rich tobaccos. It would take a ‘novel size’ review to cover all the flavors in a single review. We decided that it would be better for you, our readers, if we took two flavors each week and presented them in a Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review format.

Instead of spending the usual 72 to 96 hours with a group of flavors we spend 10 hours with each of the two flavors, a total of 20 (or so) hours exclusively vaping the two flavors of the week. That time is not spent in a single block, but rather over the course of a couple of days. The eLiquids are used in cartomizers and clearomizers, using various 510-threaded and eGo-type batteries.

All Potion Vape eLiquids need some Steeping. They come to you as fresh as can be and the airtight bottles keep them that way. To steep a Potion Vape eLiquid you must open the bottle by removing the shrink-wrap and unscrewing the top. Allow the air to mix with the juice for a minute or so, screw the cap back on and shake well. Then open it one more time, screw the cap back on and let sit in a cool, dry, and dark space for a week or so. Only then will we vape the full flavor that Potion Vape intends. Trust me, it makes a difference.

Once all 4 members of the team are sure they understand the eLiquid’s flavor profile we meet to discuss what we thought. Then, either myself or Julia will collect the notes taken during the meeting, write the review, pass it around the team to make sure they are okay with what was written, and then proofed once more. Any team member can alter their input in the review at any time up until it goes to Dave for publishing.

The eLiquid Review

Spinfuel eLiquid Review - Potiion Vape Coco Roons and Tropical Afternoon
Spinfuel eLiquid Review - Potiion Vape Coco Roons and Tropical Afternoon
Coco-Roons: A Spinfuel Choice AwardFor the macaroons lovers, this is your e-Juice. Creamy coconut, smooth lemon, a touch of vanilla and a lot of cream. Not overwhelming, just right.” – Potion Vape

Tom: If you try to vape Coco-Roons before you’ve allowed them to steep fully you won’t get the full flavor of coconut and vanilla, with lemon notes. Instead the eJuice will taste very neutral, neither good nor bad. But, if you do wait, if you steep it properly and allow the juice to marry in the way they need to you will taste the most amazing macaroon flavor.

Once I started vaping Coco-Roons I couldn’t stop until it was all gone. If you like macaroons you’re going to love this one.

I do offer one warning though; in addition to a good steep, you should also know that at 12mg nicotine the throat hit is mild. You can improve that by vaping at a higher voltage, but going too high will kill the flavor, so it is a balancing act until you find your preference, or sweet spot. I vaped this with a good old trusty Texas Tuff Tank with a single coil 3.0ohm 510-threaded dual punched cartomizer on top of my iTaste MVP v2 set to 4.4v. Your voltage may differ. 5 Stars

Julia: Who in the their right mind doesn’t love macaroons?  Well, wait. I do know some people that don’t like macaroons, so never mind that. Coco-Roon eJuice by Potion Vape is sinfully and deliciously filled with the creamy coconutty taste of real macaroons. The best way to vape it is to load up a clearomizer and take the longest drags you can and then exhale slowly, allowing the flavor filled vapor to flow over your taste buds, absorbing the sweet vanilla and coconut. It’s heavenly. Thick, aromatic vapor with a mild throat hit (ahhh). Coco-Roons is one mightily delicious vape. 5 Stars

Keira: Okay Julia, you know I don’t like macaroons, but that doesn’t affect my ability to rate Coco-Roons. In fact, because it has been years since I tasted a macaroon I drove to Shaw’s and bought some. I ate a couple of them, slowly, to taste the vanilla and coconut cookie. Then I vaped Coco-Roons eJuice.

They taste so much alike that it was spooky. Tons of vapor from Coco-Roons, but not much of a throat hit. I agree with Tom, if you like macaroons you’ll find plenty to love with Coco-Roons. I’m not going to let the issue I have with macaroons to get in the way scoring this eLiquid. The truth is, the goal was to make an eJuice that reflects the best of macaroons, and they did it. 5 Stars

Jason: There’s always one in the crowd, right? Come on Keira, macaroons are to die for! Good macaroons anyway. Not the ones that are made in some cookie factory somewhere and thrown into boxes then placed on the grocers’ shelves. I’m talking about freshly made macaroons, made by the bakery at the back of the Hannaford store at Ft Eddy. Now that’s the place to get fresh macaroons. Anyway, about Coco-Roons the eJuice. How does it stack up to fresh made macaroons? Easy. Take the best, freshest, moist macaroon you’ve ever had, turn that into a warm vapor and that’s your Potion Vape Coco-Roons. The smooth and creamy vanilla packed with the sweet coconut flavoring, accented with just a hint of lemon, and you have one great macaroon vape. So much vapor, so much flavor, Coco-Roons is an amazing eLiquid for macaroon lovers. 5 Stars

Spinfuel eLiquid Review - Potiion Vape Coco Roons and Tropical Afternoon
Spinfuel eLiquid Review - Potiion Vape Coco Roons and Tropical Afternoon
Tropical Afternoon – A Spinfuel Choice Award
– “Another great all day vape for the long sunny days of summer. Our own combination of mango, pineapple, coconut and melted caramel. “ – Potion Vape

Tom: Tropical Afternoon contains a tiny bit of residue alcohol. If you decide you can’t wait for your juice to steep at home you will taste it for the first few drags. However, if you followed the instructions above on steeping any remaining alcohol will dissipate and you’ll only vape the true Tropical Afternoon flavor.

If you’re expecting some typical tropical blend you’ll be sorely disappointed. I know because I expected a typical tropical blend. The ‘magic’ ingredient that gives this eJuice a unique flavor profile, and that magic is ‘caramel’. Caramel bonds to the tropical flavorings and gives Tropical Afternoon an amazing creaminess that you’ve never tasted before in blend that includes pineapple, coconut, and mango. Once I dissipated the remaining alcohol taste (however slight, it’s there in un-steeped juice) I couldn’t get enough of it. Who would think of turning a tropical blend into a creamy tropical eJuice? Only artists, that’s who. This is a 5 Star juice.

Julia: This is a terrific eJuice. Adding a caramel flavoring was an inspiration, something I wouldn’t think anyone would do. It brings a whole new flavor into existence, creamy pineapple, coconut, mango mix that is so satisfying, yet so alluring, that you will want to vape it all day long.  I never would have thought that a smooth and creamy caramel flavor could mix well with these kinds of flavors, but they do and it’s delicious.

Vapor from this blend is plentiful and thick. The throat hit is a bit mild, but if you take a long enough drag of it you’ll fill a nice thump. 5 Stars

Keira: Tropical Afternoon is addicting. The flavor is such a deep, rich, creamy flavor with the real taste of pineapple and coconut running through it. I didn’t taste the mango, but that was okay.

I hope we are giving this eLiquid an adequate description because if we’re not you may not try it, and if you don’t try it you’ll never know how good a caramel tropical blend can be. I’m in love with this one, and I want more. 5 Stars

Jason: I’ve never tasted anything like this before. Pineapple and coconut, as well as mango notes on the ‘exhale’, but all of it ‘deepened’ by the creaminess of delicious caramel flavoring. I was astounded by how different it was.

Sometimes you can trip over an eLiquid flavor and find it to be something amazing, and this was certainly one of them. My initial thoughts were to expect a good tropical juice, what I got was something more, much more. This is a must try flavor. Vapor was thick and plenty of it, and at a higher nicotine level I’m sure the throat hit would have been equally good.  5 Stars 


A couple of weeks ago we received 10 bottles of eJuice from Potion Vape. We removed the shrink-wrap and opened the bottles, shook them up and recapped them. They are being stored in our supply closet, a nice and cool, dark, and dry space. They are steeping, becoming fully married, fully mature eLiquid. This is an optimal setting, and you should strive to do the same thing with any eLiquid you buy.

We choose the two flavors a week before we publish the review. So, last Friday we made the decision to review Coco-Roons and Tropical Afternoon. Having said that, once we make the decision we don’t change our mind. Yes, I admit we chose these two because they sounded like they would be good flavors, but then they all sound like good flavors. Coco-Roons and Tropical Afternoon sounded like very different flavor profiles, and they were, and we hope to be able to choose two very different choices each week until we’ve gone through the entire lineup.

Potion Vape are very serious about the art of creating eJuice, and it shows in their sophisticated flavors. There is nothing simple about these eLiquids; Potion Vape is a premium label, from the precise recipes to the expensive bottling and packaging.  Even the personalized labels add to the premium moniker.

Buying Advice

Buying advice is simple; buy them. Whether your taste runs more toward the tropical or the smooth coconut creaminess of macaroons, one or both of these flavors will become favorites.

After our first Potion Vape review we received an email from one of our readers who claimed that the juice he purchased from Potion Vape tasted very bland. I wrote him back and asked him how long he let them steep. He wrote back that he never heard of that. To make a long story short, he wrote me back just this week to tell me that after he allowed the juice to steep a while they changed completely and he loved them.  So, resist the urge to fill a clearomizer once you open the bottle for the first time, let it mature for a week, at least.

Sampler Packs

Potion Vape offers 3 different sampler packs for customers who want to sample the flavors first. You can get a 3-pack of 5ML bottles for $11.95, or a 5-pack for $17.95, in either line.

Two Spinfuel Choice Awards out of two. Who knows if it will happen again? Turn in next Friday and see!Tom McBride, with Julia Hartley-Barnes, Keira Hartley-Barnes and Jason Little

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