October 11, 2013

Taking the e-Cig Gateway Theory to New Levels of Insanity

A recent story aired on a New York NBC affiliate just turned the gateway theory up to 11. The story was focused on the trend of using e-cigarettes, or devices similar to e-cigarettes to vaporize marijuana. Understandably, it makes things more difficult for law enforcement to detect people using illegal substances (for the purposes of this story, we're not going to worry about whether or not anyone should care.) Naturally the story turned to the idea that kids might do the same thing featuring a quote from a narcotics detective straight out of Dragnet with the marijuana is a gateway to LSD talk. Then the story ended with a mashup of the drug and e-cigarette gateway theories.

I-Team: E-Cigarettes, Used to Smoke Marijuana, Spark New Concerns

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan,) said concern about young people using e-cigarettes, and the possible gateway to illegal drugs, is what spurred her to introduce a bill that became law last year making it illegal to sell e-cigarettes to minors. It’s also illegal in New Jersey, though there are no age restrictions in Connecticut or under federal law.

“Once you try electronic cigarettes, you can become hooked to them, move on to cigarettes and then move on to other drugs,” Rosenthal said.
I think my brain just died inside a little.

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