October 11, 2013

Moon Mountain Vapor eLiquid Review – Part Two

Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Moon Mountain Vapor eLiquid Review – Part Two

If you haven’t yet readPart One of our Moon Mountain eLiquid Review you can access it here. Part One covered the 8 flavors that are available through Koko Vapes.  Part Two covers the 10 flavors that Koko Vapes was kind enough to send on Moon Mountain Vapor’s behalf.

Some of the flavors reviewed below should be carried on Koko Vapes because they are exceptionally flavored eLiquids. Once Moon Mountain moves to a more thorough labeling process and tamper proofs their bottles we will have every reason to recommend them as a premium vendor. Until then, use your own judgment. If you’ve been happily purchasing eJuice from Moon Mountain Vapor in the past, or through Koko Vapes, well, what can we say? We’re rather strict when it comes to self-imposed standards. But if you’re happy, feel free to continue, or even as a new customer. Not everyone is as picky as we are.

The 10-eLiquid flavors in this review are:

1)    Orbital Decay

2)    Summer Solstice

3)    Space Ape

4)    Galaxy Grape

5)    Tranquility Trauma

6)    Earth is a Blueberry

7)    Nebula Nectar

8)    Moon Rock Madness

9)    Dark Side Delirium

10)Vapor Trail

About Moon Mountain Vapor eJuice

Moon Mountain Vapor offers 12ml, 17ml, 32ml, and 50ml plastic bottles with long needle tips that make it very easy to get your juice into whatever it is you use, from classic cartomizers to fancy tank systems and RBA’s this type of plastic tips is becoming our much preferred tip, even more than eyedroppers.

A PG/VG ratio of 60/40 is the only option for the Moon Mountain lineup. We found the 60/40 ratio to work very well, delivering both excellent vapor on most flavors, and a good throat hit, despite being just 12mg of nicotine.

Prices start at $5.99 for a 12ml bottle, $7.99 for 17ml, $13.99 for 32ml, and $20.99 for a 50ml bottle. We have no complaints about the cost of any of the sizes; they are all economically and competitively priced.

Finally, nicotine strengths run 6mg (.6%), 12mg (1.2%), 18mg (1.8%) and 24mg (2.4%). All the flavors we reviewed were 12mg (1.2%), so keep that in mind when we talk about throat hits.

How we conducted this review

As usual we spent a total of 72 hours vaping Moon Mountain Vapor exclusively. All 4 members of the team used a variety of hardware, making sure to vape them with as many different devices as we could. Cartomizers, clearomizers, carto-tanks, long-wick and short wick, Kanger, Innokin, and SMOK products were used on various batteries. Because the viscosity of the juice is on the thin side it was fast and easy to fill simple cartomizers, and we had zero issues with atomizers in the 3 RBA’s we used, even down to 1.1ohm coils.

The Review


Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Earth is a Blueberry – “Upfront wild blueberries with an afterthought of vanilla cream” – Moon Mountain

Julia:  I always knew Earth was a blueberry! I could feel it, ya know? Seriously though, this is a very unusual blend of blueberries and vanilla cream, it has the deep notes of blueberry with a definite creaminess. Exceptionally lovely blend, I totally enjoyed every drop. 4.75 Stars

Tom: If I’ve vaped a blueberry and vanilla before I have no recollection of it. This is a sort of recipe that has to come in the night, during a dream maybe, an inspiration of sorts. The creamy vanilla balanced with a good blueberry flavor, Earth is a blueberry is a delight! 4.75 Stars

Keira: Who wouldn’t love this one? How can you turn your back on a blueberry and vanilla blend that plays both equally, in a playful and deliciously sweet vape? This is one my favorites from all the Moon Mountain flavors, and one I would add to my rotation in an instant. 4.75 Stars

Jason: Naturally I didn’t read the description of ‘Earth is a blueberry’ before vaping it so all I expected was the flavor of blueberry. When I took a nice long drag I tasted the creamy side of the flavor and jerked the e-cigarette out of my mouth, looked at it with the expression of “WTF?” only to realize that my brain was set to receive a certain flavor and it processed another, causing a lot of confusion for a couple of seconds. Regardless, I liked this blueberry and cream juice a lot. 4.5 Stars

Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Galaxy Grape – “Its grapey, with the smooth flavor of vanilla” – Moon Mountain


Julia: Galaxy Grape is a flavor I certainly didn’t expect. What I thought was a pure grape flavor turned out to be a grape flavor with a healthy shot of vanilla, giving it a creamy taste that puts it above many other grape flavors I’ve tried. I’m not crazy about grape as a flavor for vaping, but I have to say that the addition of vanilla was brilliant. Lots of vapor, a good throat hit, Galaxy Grape is as different as it is good. 4.5 Stars


Tom: I remember when I first started vaping I kept hearing about this grape flavor from Blue Mist. Everybody at the time was in love with it, so I ordered a bottle. It was okay, but as it turned out I wasn’t much of a grape fan. I have since avoided the flavor. Galaxy Grape, with its additional flavors of vanilla, makes the grape I did vape 2 years ago look even worse. I actually enjoyed the rich grape and creamy vanilla. If you like grape vapes, this is one you have to try. 4.75 Stars

Keira: I love me some grape! Moon Mountain created a delicious grape vape by adding in a touch of vanilla that changes the whole flavor profile. Instead of tasting a mouthful of grape you get this well mixed vanilla and grape vape with a lot of vapor and a terrific throat hit (with long drags). I went through every drop before switching to a new flavor. 4.75 Stars

Jason: A lot of people love grape flavored eJuice, so I’m not surprised to be reviewing one in this review. But what I didn’t expect was a creamy kind of grape; it adds a whole new dimension to what you think grape vapes are. The Galaxy Grape flavor is heavy on the grape, as it should be, but at the same time the essence of vanilla runs through the vapor that is produced in abundance. This one is a keeper! 4.75 Stars

Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Nebula Nectar – “Sweet honey, peaches and pear all fused together” – Moon Mountain

Julia:  The biggest ‘feature’ of Nebula Nectar is the vapor production. Unusually high, this flavor just pumps out volumes of vapor. As far as the flavor goes, it’s pretty darn good. Though I did not taste the honey. I think this is a good peaches and pear blend, and people that like fruity flavors will like it a lot. 4 Stars

Tom: I understand that eJuice creators like to experiment, and they often times toss in several flavors in hopes that it creates something unique, and great tasting. I’m afraid that Nebula Nectar has blended two flavors that, to me, do not go together well; pear and peaches. The problem is with the pear flavor, pears are strange tasting fruits to begin with and you either love pears or dislike them altogether.  I just don’t think peaches are the right flavor to add to pears. 3.5 Stars

Keira: I don’t often say things like this, but Nebula Nectar would fit in nicely with Zeus Juice eLiquids. It has that powered-sugar taste, which is brilliantly sweet, along with a blend of authentic pears and peaches. I enjoyed vaping it. Lots of Vapers will too. 4.5 Stars

Jason: The dominant flavor in Nebula Nectar is definitely pears, with peaches coming in a close second. I don’t taste the honey in this blend, unless its there only as a sweetener. This is a very flavorful juice, and I enjoyed it. 4.5 Stars

Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Orbital Decay – “This is the citrus flavor that everyone looks for, with honey, orange and tangerines.” – Moon Mountain

Julia: Orbital Decay is okay, not great, but okay. I’m not crazy about the overly citrus nature of this flavor; it sort of buries any hint of honey you might taste. But, it is a powerhouse vapor producer, but with a slight throat hit. I’m just not so sure that is has enough wide appeal. 3 Stars

Tom: I was convinced that Orbital Decay was an average eLiquid too, but I discovered that this is one flavor that benefits from higher voltage. Pumping up the voltage to 4.6-4.7v it suddenly popped with flavor, and the high citrus punch that is evident in the 3.6. -3.7v area was gone in the higher settings. Great vapor, and a better throat hit at the high end as well, this is good, citrusy vape. 4.5 Stars

Keira: I have to agree with Tom on this one. I usually don’t go about 3.7v to 3.8v no matter what hardware I’m using, but when Tom mentioned the higher voltage I tried it and he’s right. Like Tom, I give Orbital Decay 4.5 Stars

Jason: All the flavors show up in Orbital Decay except for the honey flavor. I’ve been vaping a “honey” eJuice this week from another brand, before this review, and it tasted exactly like real honey, and I detected none of that with this one. That said this is one of the better orange flavored vapes, with plenty of vapor and good throat hit for 12mg nicotine. 4 Stars

Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Space Ape – “If you like Bananas this is it, BIG banana flavor upfront with a mix of smooth caramel.” – Moon Mountain

Julia: Exactly has described; big banana flavor with caramel notes bleeding through. Not a complex flavor, but one with a banana flavor in the inhale and caramel on the exhale, it’s rather like a banana and caramel shake sort of flavor. Very rich flavor, lots of vapor, a good throat, everything you need if you’re a banana loving Vaper, a Space Ape. 4.5 Stars

Tom: Deep banana flavoring with an abundance of caramel mixed in, Space Ape is a very good flavor for banana Vapers. In a slight way I can almost taste a mild tobacco in this one, but since it’s not in the description I’m not sure I’m supposed to. Truth is I liked it anyway. Nice vapor production, good throat hit, and banana and caramel, what more can you want? 4.5 Stars

Keira: Moon Mountain Vapor does like to use caramel in their recipes that’s for sure. In Space Ape they created a good banana flavor with the sweet tones of caramel running through it. I found it satisfying, and it would add it to my rotation. 4.25 Stars

Jason: A blend of banana flavoring and caramel flavoring combine to create a sweet, deeper than normal banana vape. Plenty of vapor from Space Ape as well, I vaped it for hours and never tired of it. 4.5 Stars

Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Summer Solstice – “Watermelon, strawberries and candy mint.” – Moon Mountain

Julia: Watermelon, strawberries, and candy mint… man, what a combination. And it works! It’s a little complicated, but it’s a good vape. Lots of vapor, a really good throat hit (especially with long drags), and plenty of flavors. Totally likable, a good vape for the weekends. 4 Stars

Tom: This was one of the last flavors I vaped in this review and it was sort of like “been there, done that”.  It’s not that the eJuice is bad, in any sense of the word; it’s just, I don’t know, another combination of okay flavors. I certainly didn’t mind vaping it, but it just wasn’t special. 3 Stars

Keira: I thought Summer Solstice was a light, summertime flavor, but I couldn’t detect any strawberry flavor in it. There are other flavors by Moon Mountain Vapor that are 10 times better than this one, but maybe because the weather is changing up here in Boston that it’s getting to cool to vape flavors like this. 3 Stars

Jason: Summer Solstice was met with some real critical remarks by the team, but for me this is as good as many of the other minty flavors in the Moon Mountain roster. Although I didn’t taste any strawberry in it, I liked the watermelon and mint combo. Lots vapor and an expected throat hit round out the profile. Better than the team thinks. 4 Stars

Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Tranquility Trauma – “Peaches and mango. Nuff’ said!” – Moon Mountain

Julia: With deep drags this one has a wicked throat hit, I loved it! Now, as to the flavor; it is a great blend of peaches and mango, or as it should have read; Mango and Peaches. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and it is an eLiquid I would see myself vaping often. 4.25 Stars

Tom: Ah, a mango flavored juice with peach notes; Tranquility Trauma is a very good exotic vape. Mango is one of my favorite flavors and in this the peaches do not overrun the mango flavor, only accent it. Lots of vapor, a nice throat hit, Tranquility Trauma is nice change of pace. 4.5 Stars

Keira: Definitely a mango-flavored eJuice with peaches added to subdue the mango’s intensity. Because I adore a good mango I really enjoyed it, the huge vapor production and the hard thumping throat hit are a bonus. This one is a keeper! 4.75 Stars

Jason: When I think of the word ‘Tranquility’ I think of a calm, relaxing flavor, not some strong and aggressive one. Mango is a hard-hitting flavor, a delicious one, but certainly not tranquil. Throw in some peach flavoring and you have a delicious blend. Tons of vapor and a hard-hitting throat hit, this is one of my favorites. 4.75 Stars

Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Moon Mountain Vapor - Spinfuel eLiquid Review
Vapor Trail – “IMPROVED BLEND (natural watermelon flavor)  - Ice cold refreshing menthol and juicy watermelon. “ – Moon Mountain

Julia: I know Moon Mountain calls this menthol, but I don’t get a menthol rush, I get a cool and minty rush, along with a slightly sweet watermelon flavor. I enjoyed this one immensely; the mintiness and the watermelon were a nice combination. Plenty of vapor clouds and a nice throat hit round out the pleasant vaping experience. 4.5 Stars

Tom: I agree with the menthol thing, this is more of an icy mint flavor. I accidentally touched a drop of the juice on my lip and it felt like it was going to freeze. Loved the watermelon flavor too, and I usually toss away watermelon vapes. Nicely done. 4.5 Stars

Keira: Yep, mint, not menthol, or if I’m wrong and it IS menthol, it’s a totally different kind of menthol than I’ve had before. This one really tasted like watermelon too, and the vapor was huge. Not bad at all. 4.5 Stars

Jason: This is a sweet, watermelon vape with an icy cool touch. Not the least bit like a menthol cigarette, more like a sweet watermelon candy vape. Not something I would usually go for, but I like it. I was impressed with the vapor output too and for a 12mg nicotine juice it had a good throat hit. 4.25 Stars

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