October 11, 2013

ACSH Director: Give E-Cigs A Chance


Now here’s an article everyone should read.  Forbes ran an editorial from the executive director of The American Council on Science and Health, Gilbert Ross.  The piece does a great job of articulating exactly what’s going on with electronic cigarette on a political level here in the U.S.  Most importantly, Ross calls attention to FDA efforts to squash the industry and, in his words, collaborating in a cigarette-protection campaign.

You can read the article right here.

Ross really digs into the issues at hand in a way that is accessible to anyone, regardless of the level of acquaintance they have with the electronic cigarette debate.  Frankly, we could use more articles like this one out there and the community should be all about sharing them with world at large.

Ross’s argument weighs most heavily on what many e-cig advocate have been saying for a long time — that smoking remains the most preventable source of death and disease on the planet.  So why on earth are anti-smoking fanatics, government organizations, public health groups, and physicians fighting something that shows so much promise in the fight against smoking?

Like so many others though, Ross gets one minor point wrong that we will continue to point out until people get it right.  According to Ross, “…a 2011 Federal court ruled that e-cigarettes are tobacco products, thanks to the nicotine they deliver.”  The actual determined that if electronic cigarette were to be regulated by the FDA, it would fall under the FDA’s control over tobacco products and not under FDA control of drugs and medicines.

The ruling itself did not determine that electronic cigarettes were tobacco products.  And, in fact, much pressing on the idea in the courts and that idea seems to prove itself unsubstantial as an argument for regulation.

As electronic cigarette further prove themselves not only promising, but successful in the research environment, we can expect to see more items like this.  Undoubtedly, individuals like this contributed to the European Union decision not to classify e-cigs as medicine.  Hopefully similar support will lead the the FDA deciding against regulation of e-cigs as tobacco products.

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