October 15, 2013

Evanston Has Little Faith in Residents’ Intelligence

The city of Evanston, IL decided they'd like to ban e-cigarette sales to minors. The state already has a law on the books that will soon be implemented, but whatever, fine. The law also bans public use of e-cigarettes wherever smoking is banned. Not so fine. However, the rationale for such a move is completely cringe-worthy.

E-cigarette users turn out to oppose ban

Another speaker said his father died last year of complications from cancer brought on by smoking, and that if he'd been able use electronic cigarettes he might be still alive now.

A city staff memo supporting the proposed restrictions noted that because e-cigarettes are relatively new, few studies have been done of the health consequences of their use.

But it argued that their use in public places should be banned because, “since they closely resemble cigarettes, it may lead people to believe that it is okay to smoke in areas that are smoke-free.”

Yes, that's right. Apparently the smokers of Evanston are too stupid to realize the anti-smoking laws didn't just disappear overnight because, vapor.  Good job to the folks who turned out to try and convince the city they're a little off their rocker. I've been seeing more and more towns try to take things into their own hands. Like quite a few. The paranoid in me is beginning to wonder if this might not be some kind of orchestrated thing since pushes for bans at the federal and state levels have been met with little success.

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