October 17, 2013

The Vapor Girl eLiquid Review “Squirrel Bread Soup?”

The Vapor Girl Reviewed by Spinfuel eMagazine October 2013
The Vapor Girl eLiquid Review “Squirrel Bread Soup?”

The Vapor Girl eLiquid Review

“Can an eLiquid artist go too far? “ – Anonymous – 2242ADHead Writer: Jason Little

The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team have reviewed eLiquids from The Vapor Girl a few times over the past year or so. We know just how talented Victoria and her husband can be when it comes to creating new eJuice flavors. No one can deny the talent, the ambition, and the creativity of The Vapor Girl. They have earned more Spinfuel Choice Awards then I can remember.

Sometimes their new eLiquid flavors hit it out of the ballpark, and sometimes, just sometimes, they’ll reach too far. Well, too far for this team anyway. As much as we try to expand our personal horizons when it comes to new and unique flavors we’re not as far along as we’d like to think. You’ll see what I mean below. But first…

The Vapor Girl Empire

In addition to growing the online store and the wholesale side of the business, The Vapor Girl has now begun to explore brick and mortar vape shops with not one, but two retail locations. The Vapor Girl brand is exploding, and it all began with the sometimes-ingenious eJuice creations. No other vendor does more to push the envelope of “flavor” more than TVG. (The Vapor Girl)

But, The Vapor Girl has expanded dramatically beyond eLiquids now. Online and in the brick and mortar locations The Vapor Girl offers a wide variety of batteries, starter kits, cartomizers, clearomizers, and many, many unique, hard to find vape gear. If you’re ever looking for something ‘different’ for that special someone in your life chances are you’ll find it at The Vapor Girl, from DIY products to Raw Herbal Atomizers.

I’ve had my eye on a PV called “LEO Sport Kit” (see below), which has a beautiful ‘wood’ exterior to it. I’ve only seen it on The Vapor Girl website, and one day I’m going to buy one and review it. It looks like one gorgeous PV! That’s just one example of the items you’ll discover on The Vapor Girl Website, and almost nowhere else.


Today, the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team has five (5) flavors to talk about. Five very different flavors; both traditional and experimental. They are reviewed below. But, before we get to them, let’s go over a bit about The Vapor Girl eLiquids in general.

Each eLiquid is available with a variety of options.

Bottle: Glass or Plastic

Size: 7ML, 12ML, 30ML, and 50ML

PG/VG: All flavors are made with both PG and VG in unknown ratios.

Nicotine: 6mg 12mg 18mg and 24mg


  • All flavors are available with “A Touch of Frost”
  • All flavors are available in “nicotine-free” versions
  • All flavors are made with 100% American sourced ingredients, highest quality available.
  • All Flavors come in either Plastic or Glass, your choice.
  • Glass bottles do not come with an eyedropper
Retail Prices
  • 7ML – $3.99
  • 12ML – $6.99
  • 30ML – $15.99
  • 50ML – $24.99

Labeling: The full-color labels contain all the information you need except for the date the juice was mixed.

The Five Flavors
  • Blackberry Lemonade
  • Caramel Corn Crunch
  • Egyptian Fig Roll
  • T-Bone
  • Squirrel Bread Soup

(Yes, you read the last two flavors correctly; Squirrel Bread Soup, and T-Bone.)

THE VAPOR GIRL As Mad-Scientist

In our previous review of The Vapor Girl we talked about a particular and peculiar flavor called “Pizza”. The ability of the artist that mixed this flavor was astounding; the juice smelled and tasted just like Pizza. The only problem? It just wasn’t something we felt ‘should’ be vaporized. Regardless, The Vapor Girl deserves kudos for accomplishing it, and taking the risk, no matter what the outcome.

The risks continue and The Vapor Girl is managing to come up with some very strange flavors. Again, you have to give them credit for trying to push the boundaries of what is a natural flavor to vaporize and what is an unnatural flavor to vaporize. We, the team, may not appreciate the outcome of the flavor, but we certainly appreciate the effort behind it.

No one pitches a perfect game every time.

Our understanding is that the new, strange, flavors are going over well with the vaping public near and around The Vapor Girl’s brick and mortar store. That’s terrific, it really is, but our team had, well, issues, with two the strange new flavors. Issues that need some explanation, so that we can give our impression without tainting your desire to reach beyond the normal and go where no Vapers have gone before.

The Review

As always the team used a variety of hardware to vape each of the flavors. For72 hours we vaped the five (5) flavors exclusively, although when you come down to it, it was just three (3) flavors. Two flavors were completely unvapeable to us.

What is Unvapeable?

Squirrel Bread Soup and T-Bone are unvapeable. What that means is that each of us loaded up our cartomizers and clearomizers, took a good sized drag, and found the taste so unnatural that we pushed the vapor out as fast as we could. And then we took another. Same thing. Unnatural. No one could take a third drag. During our discussions we agreed that we were not able to shift gears and accept the flavors in the form of vapor.

The Vapor Girl makes some of the best eJuices in the business, and we have several of them in our various collections. Just because the four (4) of us are not ready to accept a ‘cream of mushroom’ flavor in the form of a vapor, or the authentic flavor of a sizzling steak, it doesn’t mean there aren’t Vapers that will think differently, and love the new flavors. Vapers who are capable of shifting gears and appreciating them have a more accepting conception of ‘taste’ then we do.

So instead of going through the team one by one let us state that Squirrel Bread Soup tastes like you’re vaping mushroom soup, and T-Bone actually does taste like a steak. Neither one of those flavors appeals to us, but it might to you. That’s just the way it happens sometimes.

Squirrel Bread Soup – “Squirrel Bread Soup (Cream of Mushroom) Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl. There once was a happy little squirrel. She was a shade of brown with a big bushy tail. Walking along the forest floor she found the most wonderful mushrooms. “What could I do with these mushrooms?” she asked herself. The squirrel gathered all the mushrooms and took them home. Looking in the fridge and the pantry she discovered some day-old bread and some fresh cream. Magnificent!! She created the best soup. The happy little squirrel called all her friends and had a wonderful party, that you are invited to…” – The Vapor Girl


T-Bone – “T-Bone Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl was inspired by ourmaster mixologist love of grilling. A delightful steak grilled and seasoned to perfection.” – The Vapor Girl

Three Excellent eLiquids

The remaining three flavors stand toe-to-toe with the best The Vapor Girl has to offer. These were the flavors we spent our time with, and enjoyed as much as we would enjoy any other top-notch eLiquid. So, let’s get on with it…

The Vapor Girl Reviewed by Spinfuel eMagazine October 2013
The Vapor Girl Reviewed by Spinfuel eMagazine October 2013
Blackberry Lemonade – “BlackBerry Lemonade Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is the taste of wild blackberries and fresh lemonade…utterly refreshing on a hot summer day!” – The Vapor Girl

Tom: Blackberry Lemonade is more ‘blackberry’ than ‘lemonade’, and that’s a good thing. Tasting just like sweet well-ripened blackberries with just a hint of lemonade, this blend produces excellent vapor and a nice, if somewhat mild throat hit. I almost expected it to be too sweet, but it wasn’t. With Blackberry fruitiness engulfing all the right taste buds, this is one you’ll enjoy time and time again. – 4.75 Stars

Julia: I had a more balanced flavor profile for this eJuice than Tom did. Where Tom tasted only hints of lemonade, I tasted a good portion of a tangy tartness of the lemonade with plenty of blackberry goodness. The sweetness of the blackberry worked off the tartness of the lemonade to present a great tasting vape with tons of vapor clouds and a solid throat hit.

Blackberries have a very distinct fruity flavor, and there is no mistaking the authentic blackberry flavor in this one. If you enjoy blackberry than this eLiquid is one you have to try. I have added it to my collection. 4.5 Stars

Keira: I’ve enjoyed a few different blackberry flavors over the past couple of years and I learned that a blackberry eLiquid can be deep and rich with a super sweet profile or a blackberry flavor can be more authentic, natural tasting, with a true blackberry profile. This is the latter, a natural blackberry vape that catches just a glimpse of the tartness of the lemonade. Many people won’t catch the lemon notes and instead think of it as just a blackberry flavor. It is a true blackberry eJuice, but the lemon ‘ade’ gives it an excellent touch.   5 Stars

Jason: I love blackberry, real blackberries. They are sweeter than blueberries and have an earthy flavor, almost a fruity musky flavor. So, whenever I vape a juice that has blackberry in it I know exactly what I am looking for. I don’t want an overly-sweeten blackberry, or one that is too tart; I want that fully ripened, semi-sweet, natural flavor. You can only get that in the more expensive flavoring extracts.

The Vapor Girl’s Blackberry Lemonade is just about perfect. The blackberry flavor reminds me of the incredible blackberry flavor from Johnson Creek, but the slightly sweet, slightly tart lemonade gives it a little something more, making it one of the best vapes I’ve had in a while. Well, for a fruit vape anyway.

TVG’s Blackberry Lemonade won me over from the very first vape. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who enjoys the flavor of blackberry will love it. Plumes of vapor, and a very nice throat hit make this the ultimate blackberry vape. This one is now officially on my roster of eLiquids. 5 Stars


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