October 18, 2013

The e-Cigarette Fear BS Meter Has Just Been Pegged

Seeing as many news stories about e-cigarettes as I do, I've become somewhat jaded. Essentially, it's a lot of the same rhetoric over and over again. e-Cigarettes are a Big Tobacco Conspiracy, they're trying to hook kids, we don't know what's in them, they don't help people quit. Of course there's also the classics, like e-cigarettes contain antifreeze. That one isn't used so much since it's well known to be complete bull.  An article in the Decatur Daily not only used the antifreeze myth, but decided to embellish just a tad.

Buyer beware of today’s new smoking trend

We come today to inform you that no regulating body has determined such devices safe — an e-cigarette comes with a bottle of spiced chemicals that can include formaldehyde to rat poison to ingredients of antifreeze.

That said, a recent study in the journal “Tobacco Control” determined the ingredients in a dozen popular brands of e-cigarettes to be significantly less toxic than that of lighted cigarettes. (Their salespeople, such as Decatur’s Vanessa Reed, call the devices “nicotine delivery systems,” though that hardly distinguishes them from cigarettes.)

Yes, that's right, they said rat poison. I have no words. Keep in mind, this isn't an editorial written by some crackpot, this is what passes for actual journalism in this particular publication.

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