October 18, 2013

Company to McCarthy: Ditch eCigs Promote Something Really Zany

In a story that would only make sense in the context of Jenny McCarthy, a company that boasts a “nicotine free” way to quit smoking is offering the celebrity with… interesting worldviews to endorse its products instead.  The company makes some sort of magical laser beams that somehow treat smoking addiction, and for some reason the FDA hasn't tried to ride them out of town on rails (yet).

No More Nicotine! Company Offers Jenny McCarthy $1 Million To Drop E-Cigarettes

Freedom Laser Therapy, Inc. is a company devoted to distributing a nicotine free and natural way to quit smoking, and they are urging McCarthy to work with them because they claim e-cigarettes keep “42.5 million Americans hooked on nicotine in one form or another.”

“My guess is that Big Tobacco offered you upwards of $1 million to pitch their popular brand of E-Cigarettes. Freedom Laser Therapy would consider matching your electronic cigarette spokesperson salary,” president Craig Nabat wrote in the letter to McCarthy.

The letter is mostly full of smack talking about the e-cigarette industry, which clearly the laser company knows nothing about (42.5M is the number of actual SMOKERS in the US). But hey, ditching a technology actually backed by scientific evidence for one that's mostly conjecture and imagination seems to match the actor's shtick perfectly, this could work to everyone's benefit.  Lasers! Pew pew pew!

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