October 18, 2013

Potion Vape eLiquid Review – Two For Friday

Potion Vape eLiquid Review for Spinfuel eMagazine -
Potion Vape eLiquid Review – Two For Friday

Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team – This week for our Potion Vape eLiquid Review we chose two fruit vapes from that we think you’re going really going to like. Well, that is, if you like Honeydew, raspberry, strawberry and/or lemon. Like I said, this is a fruit week for Potion Vape.

Working our way through the Potion Vape lineup we decided it might be fun to pick out two fruit flavored eLiquids to review. Though both are fruit based they are also quite different.  But, before we get the new flavors let take a look at Potion Vape.

About Potion Vape eLiquids

Potion Vape offers two sizes of bottles, a 15ml and a 30ml size, both in cobalt blue glass bottles with glass eyedroppers. Each bottle is shrink-wrapped to protect the freshness of each flavor and to create a tamper-proof sealant. The 15ml bottle is $10.95; the 30ML bottle is $17.95.

Nicotine strengths are 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. A zero-nicotine eJuice is also offered for Vapers who no longer need nicotine, or for Vapers who vape for the flavored vapor.

Potion Vape uses the highest quality, USA sourced ingredients, and their flavors do not contain artificial flavors, artificial colors, gum acadia, anthem gum or caffeine. Even their nicotine is organic and pure as can be.


The labels are personalized for every customer. They contain the name of the customer, in our case the words “Spinfuel Review Team” is printed on the label, along with the name of the juice, the “line” (BasicPotion or OrganaTine), the size, nicotine strength, the ingredients, and even the date the juice was mixed and bottled. Should the FDA mandate tough regulations for eLiquid producers Potion Vape is already geared and ready to go.

The Two “Lines” of Potion Vape

OrganaTine Line

The OrganaTine line uses ONLY Vegetable Glycerin, providing a 100% PG free e-liquid.  Organic and/or natural flavors are used to create authentic flavors with no artificial residue or aftertaste. What a PG-free eLiquid loses in ‘throat hits’ they make up for in vapor production.


The standard BasicPotion line is created using a mix of PG and VG at a ratio of 50/50, or thereabouts. (Some recipes may call for slightly different ratios) Potion Vape is all about delivering the best eJuice possible, so they will not always stick to a strict 50/50 PG/VG ratio.

PG adds flavor and allows for bigger throat hits, so if you don’t have an allergy to Propylene Glycol, we recommend a PG/VG ratio is you’re looking for maximum flavor and more throat hit. The BasicPotion uses the same organic and/or natural flavors that the OrganaTine line uses.

Potion Vape eLiquid is available in both the OrganaTine and BasicPotion formulas. We prefer a PG/VG blend and since we began reviewing two eLiquids at a time we’ve used the BasicPotion line. We found the flavor to be consistent across both lines but they do vape a bit differently.

Our Review Process

Potion Vape offers more than 40 eLiquid flavors, running the gamut from tropical to minty, coffee flavors to rich tobaccos, and everything in between. Deciding it would be better for our readers, we take two flavors each week and presented them in a Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review format, rather than try to review all 40+ flavors in a single review.

Instead of spending the usual 72 to 96 hours with a group of flavors we spend 10 hours with each of the two flavors, a total of 20 (or so) hours exclusively vaping the two flavors of the week. That time is not spent in a single block, but rather over the course of a couple of days. The eLiquids are used in cartomizers and clearomizers, using various 510-threaded and eGo-type batteries.


All Potion Vape eLiquids need some home steeping. They come to you as fresh as can be and the airtight bottles keep them that way. To steep a Potion Vape eLiquid you must open the bottle by removing the shrink-wrap and unscrewing the top. Allow the air to mix with the juice for a minute or so, screw the cap back on and shake well. Then open it one more time, screw the cap back on and let sit in a cool, dry, and dark space for a week or so. Only then will you vape the full flavor that Potion Vape intends. It does make a difference.

Once all 4 members of the team are sure they understand the eLiquid’s flavor profile we meet to discuss what we thought of the two chosen for the review. Then, either myself or Julia will collect the notes taken during the meeting, write the review, pass it around the team to make sure they are okay with what was written, and then proofed one more time. The team members can alter their input in the review at any time up until it goes to Dave for publishing.

The Two Flavors

I think we have already established that Potion Vape is a premium vendor that makes some great eJuice. But, going through the lineup not every flavor is going to be an award winning one, with tremendous flavor signatures, plumes and plumes of vapor clouds, wicked throat hits, and a level of satisfaction that makes you cringe at the thought of an analog cigarette. If that were the case we would hand out Spinfuel Choice Awards to every eLiquid we enjoyed vaping. Sometimes an eLiquid can be enjoyable, flavorful, produce ample amounts of vapor, and so on…and just be, “good”. There is nothing wrong with being “good” rather than “great”. Most eLiquids we review these days are good, few are ‘great’.

The flavors chosen today was not chosen because they were great, but rather because we wanted both flavors to represent two good fruity flavors, and they are.

Yellow Berry – “We think we nailed this one. Smooth, fresh raspberry and strawberry, with an added kick of lemon for that extra layer of flavor.” – Potion Vape

Tom: Yellow Berry is a different ‘fruity’ blend. It offers a somewhat unique flavor profile. For me there isn’t a dominant flavor, yet I can taste the raspberry, strawberry and lemon to varying degrees. While I liked it, I’m not the guy that is going to spend my limited eJuice budget for a fruit-based eLiquid unless it comes at me like a freight train. This is subtler than that. A good juice, absolutely, but not one I’m going to add to my rotation. 4 Stars

Potion Vape eLiquid Review for Spinfuel eMagazine -
Potion Vape eLiquid Review for Spinfuel eMagazine -

Julia: There are times when I don’t want a heavy-handed flavor. There are times when I want something flavorful, but light, almost cheerful, and that to me is Yellow Berry. I really enjoyed it because it was not just a fruity mix of good flavors, it also produces vast clouds of vapor, and it’s fun to vape. The throat hit was much better than I expected. Overall, this is an excellent fruit-based vape and one I’d like to keep around. 4.75 Stars

Keira: Instead of being a layered, complex set of separate flavors; Yellow Berry combines the characteristics of raspberry, lemon and strawberry into one very different, but very delightful flavor. Quite a big throat hit too, and grand clouds of vapor.

The one thing I did notice is that is seems to vape hot. By that I mean that my first experience with any eLiquid is to fill a cartomizer, let it rest for hour, then put it on a battery, set it to 3.7v and vape. That gives me my baseline, and I do it for every eJuice I review. Yellow Berry got the cartomizer hot after a few drags. I had to lower the voltage to 3.3v, the lowest setting on my Spinner, and it was vaping fine. Other than that, it was a good flavor, and one I absolutely enjoyed vaping. 4 Stars

Jason: Yellow Berry is nice mix of 3 complimentary flavors, raspberry, strawberry and lemon, which gives you a bright, cheerful flavor. This could certainly be a fruit lover’s all-day vape because it is not overpowering. Instead it offers a consistently light fruity blend with plenty of vapor and a solid throat hit. Good for hot days, or humid days when you don’t want something heavy to vape. 4.25 Stars

Honeydew Sweetness – Wonderful, very refreshing flavor especially in the summer. Sweet and very smooth taste.

Tom: I was having a discussion with a friend the other day as he was cutting up a whole bunch of fruit for a fruit salad. I asked him where the Honeydew was, and he looked at me like I just asked where the rat poison was. “Honeydew! Yuck!”. I then told him that honeydew was my favorite melon, that it had a completely different flavor profile (yep, I said flavor profile about a melon) and that when they were good and ripe there was nothing like it. That is what this eLiquid is, a sugary sweet ripe honeydew melon vape. Awesome! Huge vapor, good throat hit. If honeydew is your melon, this is your vape. 4.75 Stars

Potion Vape eLiquid Review for Spinfuel eMagazine -
Potion Vape eLiquid Review for Spinfuel eMagazine -
Julia: Honeydew Sweetness is a terrific fruit (melon?) vape because the flavor is rich and it is sweeter than most other melon vapes I’ve had. That sweetness makes a difference and gives honeydew a deeper flavor, a solid flavor of authentic honeydew. Honeydew Sweetness is a very good vape and one that honeydew lovers will want to vape. The only negative thing about it is that there are some people that can’t stand the taste of honeydew, and for those of you that don’t, this is not your juice. 4.5 Stars

Keira: There is a huge amount of vapor from Honeydew Sweetness, and a better than expected throat hit too. As for the flavor, it’s real, genuine honeydew down to a “T”. If you like Honeydew this is one you can vape all day long and not tire of it. I vaped it for hours and enjoyed it the whole time.  5 Stars

Jason: I guess there is one in every bunch. I’m that guy. The one that doesn’t like honeydew. So, because this really does taste exactly like honeydew I didn’t much care for it. Oh, it puts out a lot of vapor and has a really good throat hit, but if you don’t like the flavor you don’t like the juice. It’s as simple as that. But those of you that do like honeydew and want an authentic eLiquid that tastes just like honeydew; you won’t do better than this. 4 Stars

Conclusion and Buying Advice

Two fruit flavors that couldn’t be more different from each other, that’s what we reviewed today. Yellow Berry is a light, fresh, all-day vape that puts out ample vapor and a good throat hit.  For us Yellow Berry is not something we would vape often enough to want to buy a large bottle of it, but if we all still lived together like we did for more than 2 years, then yes, we would buy it together and share it. There are times when you really want a vape that is both light and something that can be an all-day vape. Yellow Berry is exactly that.

Honeydew Sweetness is an authentic, sweet, ripe honeydew vape that really hits home for those of us that like honeydew. Another all-day vape, but with a deeper flavor. If you don’t like honeydew you won’t want it, but if you do this could be a keeper.

As for buying advice… although we are happy to say that Potion Vape is a premium eLiquid line, you do pay for it. $10.95 for a 15ML bottle is a lot of money, so choose wisely. And if you do like one or more of their flavors, which is inevitable, then buy the 30ML size and save a ton of money. You double the amount of eJuice for $6, you can’t beat that.

Both eLiquids are fine all-day vapes, so it depends on whether or not you want to add a fruit vape to your rotation, and if so, which one? If you like Honeydew then the honeydew sweetness is a great choice, if you want something really light, something you could vape till the cows come home, then Yellow Berry is the one you’ll want. In both cases, as with all Potion Vape eJuice, steeping is vital. They (Potion Vape) ship very fresh juice, so you will want to open the bottle, shake it up, then close it and store it for at least a week. If you don’t you won’t get the full flavor profile these eLiquids are capable of.

Till next Friday, when we’ll have two more, and two very different eLiquids, have a great weekend!

Julia Hartley-Barnes, with Keira Hartley-Barnes, Jason Little and Tom McBride. 

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