October 20, 2013

Extra Long Ecig Drip Tip the Pileus Diptip Stainless Steel Driptip

This is a Guest Post by Cloud Chaser
You can get this drip tip from Velvet Cloud by messaging him on facebook for  just under 38 bucks shipped to the US.
"This thing is (bleeping) amazing dude, the tip is smooth. I've hot boxed the living shit out of it to where the trident was hotter than hell bottom of the tip was warm but not hot. The top of the tip stayed cool. The vape is so cool and smooth it's not hot it cools through the tip. Definitely worth every penny dude this things sexy! "
I think this will improve my vaping experience. It is the coolest dt I have seen. Think any high wattage vapor will enjoy and benifit from using the Pileus. To see my previous Drip Tip post click the link for the extra long drip tip, stainless steel knuckle cheap one, or a glass one I got from empire mods.

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