October 20, 2013

CT Legislature Considers Rolling eCigs Into Ban

Connecticut lawmakers are considering whether to try and include e-cigarettes in the state's current smoking ban. The move would redefine the use of e-cigarettes as smoking. The motivation appears to be a level of wilful ignorance on the part of state politicians and the health department which claims there's no health and safety information about the devices.

Connecticut lawmakers consider adding e-cigs to smoking ban

State Sen. Edward Meyer, D-Guilford, said legislators are currently asking if the definition of smoking real cigarettes should be expanded to the electronic devices.

“What isn’t in question is the medical testimony” Meyer said. “We’re getting information that they are a health risk.”

The impact of e-cigarettes on health is not yet known, as safety and effectiveness have not yet been studied. Nor are the ingredients known, according to the state Department of Public Health.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the medical testimony, whatever that might be probably is in question. You can't assert both that there is a known risk and the risk is not yet known.

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