October 21, 2013

France’s Crowded e-Cigarette Market

e-Cigarettes have gained popularity in France. A lot of popularity. A recent story in the NY Times covered the industry stating that there are over 400 shops in the country, many of which seem to be located in Paris. Most shop owners believe it's a bubble that will eventually burst.

In France, an E-Cigarette Bubble?

Like mushrooms after a rain, these little shops keep springing up all over the place, Paris in particular. Just in the last year, six have opened for business in a 500-meter, or 1,600-foot, radius in a neighborhood just north of the Paris Opéra.

For now, the business is a no-brainer, or a “golden chicken,” as Richard Zeitoun, owner of the Ciga’Lib store on the Rue St. Lazare, put it.

Interestingly, the same shop owners believe their businesses will survive the bubble. France is eyeing higher e-cigarette taxes, and of course Big Tobacco will do their best to burst the boutique bubble.

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