October 21, 2013

Forget the Mods, e-Cig Worth $800,000

I'm even struggling for words to comment on this story.  Apparently, e-cigarettes aren't expensive enough for Russia's elite. Some absurdly rich Russian guy had an e-cigarette commissioned for his girlfriend at a price tag of nearly a million dollars. It features diamonds and crystals and gold. Even the clearomizer has gold trim.

£550,000 goes up in smoke! World’s most expensive e-cigarette covered in 246 diamonds is created for girlfriend of Russian oligarch

world's most expensive e-cigarette
world's most expensive e-cigarette
The £550,000 diamond encrusted custom-made electronic vaping machine was manufactured on the personal order of an anonymous London-based Russian oil magnate.

The masterpiece – which took four and a half months to create – is laden with 246 flawless two-carat clear crystal diamonds each worth £1,800.

One source said: 'It is lined with 46 yellow Swarovski crystals and has a six-carat oval diamond worth £46,000 on the tip.'

It also features 'authentic hand blown Italian glass from the Venetian island of Murano' and is finished with 24-carat gold button and clearomizer base.

So just think about that the next time you want to grouse about how expensive Innokin's stuff is. Of course part of me kind of wishes people would put this kind of money into advocacy. You know, so they can keep buying crazy ass e-cigarettes for years to come. In business school they told me that idea is called enlightened self-interest.

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