October 21, 2013

Talk to Your Kids (For all the wrong reasons)

This news item is sort of an odd bird for me.  I actually agree with the conclusion this article makes, but strongly disagree with the way they reach the conclusion. The short version is this: talk to your kids about addiction whether it's e-cigarettes and smoking.  Yes, very good. But, the article is built on house of pure speculation and misinformation.

Editorial: Talk to children about the dangers of e-cigarettes

But know this: The Food and Drug Administration in 2009 released findings of a test it performed on e-cigarettes and found carcinogens and toxic chemicals, including ingredients found in antifreeze. There is plenty of research on the dangers of nicotine mixed with the chemicals of tobacco cigarettes, but who knows what the dangers of synthetic nicotine are? And little is known about what really is in the e-cigarettes. That alone is bothersome.

Absent FDA action — it’s sad what little regulations there are to protect consumers from all kinds of snake oil sellers — the e-cigarettes continue to proliferate in America. If the government cannot act, we urge parents to do the right thing. Talk to your children about the dangers of physical addiction and urge them to stay away from cigarettes and e-cigarettes. We do not want another generation of smokers of any sort.

This article couldn't be more wrong. There's nothing synthetic in e-cigarette nicotine. But the worst part is the idea is you should talk to your kids because the government is too slow in doing the job of parenting other people's kids.  How about just talking to your kids anyway? You know, like people who aren't shitty parents do on occasion.

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