October 24, 2013

Why Not Hold a Vaping Party?

Yesterday I mentioned an etiquette column that was hardly helpful at all with regards to e-cigarettes. Today, there was another advice column out of the UK that had much more practical suggestions for e-cigarettes and social settings. Keep smokers indoors and maybe help pay for the booze while you're at it!

Dear Mary — The e-cigarette party is the new Tupperware party

Q. I often give parties in my central London house in a private residential square. At any one time it seems that about a third of the guests are outside the house smoking on the pavement. This is disruptive and my neighbours complain, but my husband is asthmatic and we cannot allow smoking inside. What do you suggest, Mary?
— C.B.L., London W8

A. Keep guests inside by using the solution popularised by tribal marketing entrepreneur Max Mallows who offers e-cigarettes, for example Provog, which cost £4 each. Most people have not tried an e-cigarette until someone else gives them one, but they often like it. Indeed, why not broker a deal with an e-cigarette company and actually sell them to guests in a variation of the Tupperware party? Mallows himself uses Volish, which cost £30 and are reusable, with liquid refills costing £5 every few weeks.

Now, that's pragmatic! And nary a Professor Glantz or petticoat to be found in the advice.

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