October 24, 2013

Anti-Vaping Tensions Running too High?

As we all know, prohibitionists seem to be against e-cigarettes for the mere idea that they look like smoking. While they are trying to ban e-cigarettes, or generally make vaping go underground, things haven't gotten out of hand.  One individual in Wales apparently did decide to cross the line and was charged with spitting on a man for using an e-cigarette.

Man spat at for ‘smoking’ indoors – with an electronic cigarette

She asked him not to smoke inside but was told by his father Brian Jones it was electronic. She again asked for it him not to use it inside.

Nicholls then turned to Mr Jones and spat at him and the spittle landed in his mouth.

Phil Huxtable, for Nicholls, also known as Dawn Wheeler, said she was upset at the time and understood it was wrong.

She pleaded guilty to assault in front of city magistrates.

Naturally, I'm not suggesting this individual did anything but act alone. However, this is the result of the so-called “denormalizing” strategy that prohibitionists have been so fond of and fear e-cigarettes are threatening. Clearly, e-cigarettes haven't broken those boundaries yet.

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