October 25, 2013

Interview with a Bulgarian vape website

1. Как се казваш? -Ник Грийн 2. Колко време пуши и какво те накара да минеш на електронни цигари? НГ: Започнах да пуша около седми клас, но предполагам, че не бях истински пушач докато не станах на…

So I was contacted by a great guy named Leonid from Bulgaria wanting an interview.  I was honored to chat with him. Feel free to follow the link and read the interview.  The English version is down at the bottom, unless you can read Bulgarian, if so… then i’m impressed.  Not sure about the term “Vaping Star”  Maybe in Bulgaria Vaping Star means Jackass on Youtube? 

Thanks so much for the interview Leonid, It was a pleasure talking with you, Keep on vaping Bulgaria! 


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