October 25, 2013

Potion Vape Friday! An eLiquid Review • Spinfuel Magazine

Potion Vape eLiquid Review Spinfuel eMagazine
Potion Vape Friday! An eLiquid Review

As tempting as it is to open the remaining bottles sent to us fromPotion Vape we promised ourselves to wait until each Monday, vape the juice until Wednesday, and have a review ready for Friday. It’s tough, but in the end we think the reviews are fresher, perhaps even more accurate. Today we bring you a Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review for Orange Sun and Black Cassis, two flavors from Potion Vape that couldn’t be more different, yet both are delightful vapes that we’re sure you’re going to enjoy!

About Potion Vape eLiquids

Potion Vape eLiquid is available in two sizes, a 15ml and a 30ml bottle, both in cobalt blue glass bottles with glass eyedroppers. Each bottle is shrink-wrapped to protect the freshness of each flavor and to create a tamper-proof sealant. The 15ml bottle is $10.95; the 30ML bottle is $17.95.

Nicotine strengths are 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. A zero-nicotine eJuice is also offered for Vapers who no longer need nicotine, or for Vapers who vape for the flavored vapor.

Potion Vape uses the highest quality, USA sourced ingredients, and their flavors do not contain artificial flavors, artificial colors, gum acadia, anthem gum or caffeine. Even their nicotine is organic and pure as can be.


The labels are personalized for every customer. They contain the name of the customer, in our case the words “Spinfuel Review Team” is printed on the label, along with the name of the juice, the “line” (BasicPotion or OrganaTine), the size, nicotine strength, the ingredients, and even the date the juice was mixed and bottled. Should the FDA mandate tough regulations for eLiquid producers Potion Vape is already geared and ready to go.

The Two “Lines” of Potion VapeOrganaTine Line

The OrganaTine line uses ONLY Vegetable Glycerin, providing a 100% PG free e-liquid.  Organic and/or natural flavors are used to create authentic flavors with no artificial residue or aftertaste. What a PG-free eLiquid loses in ‘throat hits’ they make up for in vapor production.


The standard BasicPotion line is created using a mix of PG and VG at a ratio of 50/50, or thereabouts. (Some recipes may call for slightly different ratios) Potion Vape is all about delivering the best eJuice possible, so they will not always stick to a strict 50/50 PG/VG ratio.

PG adds flavor and allows for bigger throat hits, so if you don’t have an allergy to Propylene Glycol, we recommend a PG/VG ratio is you’re looking for maximum flavor and more throat hit. The BasicPotion uses the same organic and/or natural flavors that the OrganaTine line uses.

Potion Vape eLiquid is available in both the OrganaTine and BasicPotion formulas. We prefer a PG/VG blend and since we began reviewing two eLiquids at a time we’ve used the BasicPotion line. We found the flavor to be consistent across both lines but they do vape a bit differently.

Our Review Process

Potion Vape offers more than 40 eLiquid flavors, running the gamut from tropical to minty, coffee flavors to rich tobaccos, and everything in between. We take two flavors each week and present them in a Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review format, rather than try to review all 40+ flavors in a single review. This way you can take your time, watch your budget, and enjoy new flavors as we do.

To Steep or not to Steep

All Potion Vape eLiquids need some home steeping. They come to you as fresh as can be and the airtight bottles keep them that way. To steep a Potion Vape eLiquid you should open the bottle by removing the shrink-wrap and unscrewing the top. Allow the air to mix with the juice for a minute or so, screw the cap back on and shake well. Then open it one more time, screw the cap back on and let sit in a cool, dry, and dark space for a week or so. Only then will you vape the full flavor that Potion Vape intends. It does make a difference.

And now… Orange Sun and Black Cassis!

Orange SunSpinfuel Choice Award “Pure, natural, sweet orange. A great all day vape.” – Potion Vape

Tom: Like we’ve said many times before, orange is a very difficult flavor to work with. Some eLiquid brands create okay orange juice, some are mediocre, and only one or two have been really able to master the flavor. Happily, Potion Vape seems to be one that has mastered it.

Potion Vape eLiquid Review Spinfuel eMagazine
Potion Vape eLiquid Review Spinfuel eMagazine

Orange Sun is a fairly simple flavor, but what it lacks in complexity it makes up for in a deliciously sweet orange flavor and aromatic vapor. Orange Sun lacks the bitterness some orange eJuice has, while delivering a smooth, mildly citrus flavor. It is definitely an all-day vape. 5 Stars

Julia: I cannot think of many orange eJuice flavors that I have been able to enjoy for more than a few minutes. Most of them are way too citrusy, causing indigestion or heartburn. So I was really happy to see that Orange Sun is deliciously smooth, sweet orange flavor that reminds me of Orange tic-tacs. It’s simple, sweet, and a flavor that lasts and lasts. Plenty of vapor too, and a good throat hit, especially for a 50/50 PG/VG blend at 12mg nicotine. This is good stuff. I’m adding Orange Sun to my rotation. 5 Stars

Keira: Being Florida born and raised I know orange. This is a terrific orange flavored juice. To be fair, it’s the first orange flavor that I liked enough to vape for most of the day. Lots of vapor, but a somewhat mild throat hit, I liked Orange Sun a whole lot more than I thought I would. If you’re tired of looking for an orange flavored vape that gives you a sweet orange flavor without the heavy citrus notes that many fruity vapes have, this is for you. 5 Stars

Jason: I usually reserve a 5 Star rating for flavors that I really, really love. In this case though, I’m not crazy about oranges or orange flavors but Orange Sun is the best I’ve had. This eLiquid is very different from other orange flavors; it’s almost exactly the flavor of orange tic-tacs. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t leave that citrus aftertaste that many citrus flavors do. I won’t add this to my collection, or lead anyone to think that I would buy this flavor, but if you like orange and you want to vape a juice that just won’t quit with the vapor, this one is the one you need to try. 5 Stars

Black Cassis – “An old-world classic flavor. The American term for this fruit is Black Currant. Very popular among British. They also have a drink made of back currant called Ribena.” – Potion Vape

Tom: Just reading the description of Black Cassis made me nervous. Popular with the British? Ah, so is kidney pie, isn’t it? But my job calls for vaping anything that’s labeled eJuice, so I filled a clearomizer, let it sit for about an hour, then I bravely put it up to my lips and inhaled. Then I slowly let the vapor escape. Plenty of vapor… so much vapor. A little mild on the throat hit (it is only 12mg nicotine though), but oh so much vapor!

Potion Vape eLiquid Review Spinfuel eMagazine
Potion Vape eLiquid Review Spinfuel eMagazine

The flavor of Black Cassis, or Black Currant, is sort of a sharply intense ‘sweet and maybe-a-little-sour grape flavor. A little weird at first, but man it is ever good. I love it when I think I’m going to hate the flavor and I wind up loving it. I can see this as one of my all-day vapes when I want something fruity, but not fruity. The liquid smells really good too, I was tempted to put a drop on my tongue, but I didn’t. 4.75 Stars

Julia: I was watching Tom on Skype as he was vaping Black Cassis and the way he approached it was funny as hell. I’m thrilled that he liked it; I truly didn’t think he would. This is a guy that vapes tobacco most of the time, and other bold flavors that most people would think are too strong.

Anyway, Black Cassis tastes like a cross between cranberries and raisins in my opinion. Cranberry going in, and raisins going out. In other words, I liked it on the inhale more than I liked the exhale. It’s a strange flavor, kind of sweet and tart, but also something I don’t think I’ve ever tasted. I will say that the more I vaped it the more I liked it. I think it was because at first I was confused over the flavor, then as I adjusted to it the more the sweetness in it came out. Lots of vapor production but a mild throat hit. If you like black currants you’ll love Black Cassis. It might not be for everyone, but Vapers looking for something different but still on the fruity side, this is a must-try flavor. 4.5 Stars

Keira: I was confused at first. I thought it was immediately identifiable as a sweet black cherry or blackberry flavor, and then it abruptly changed into something almost musky. I think we all tasted something different, though we seemed to agree that it was pleasantly sweet, yet somehow tart or sour (how’s that for fudging my answer?). I wound up after a day and half of picking it up and putting it down deciding it was more like concentrated blackberries than anything else. I’m not sure how popular this would be in the US, but I bet it sells like crazy in the UK. 4.25 Stars

Jason: I think most people will think that Black Cassis tastes like blackberries. I liked it because it is both sweet and tart with deep blackberry flavor notes. You won’t complain about a lack of flavor that’s for sure. For my taste the Black Cassis makes a great all-day vape, producing tons of vapor. I thought the throat hit needed work though. I would love to try Black Cassis at 18mg or even 24mg, I bet it would hit hard.

The aroma of the juice itself was great, and like Potion Vape’s entire ‘BasicPotion’ blend, it’s a thick juice. Potion Vape does a lot of fruit flavors, and this one belongs in the Top 5 of their lineup so far. 5 Stars

Conclusion and Buying Advice

A smooth, sweet, non-citrusy orange and a thick, heavy, black currant combination, these two eLiquids show the wide array of flavor profiles in the Potion Vape lineup. If you like orange flavors then you’re going to love Orange Sun. If you like deep, dark fruit flavors then Black Cassis is going to become your go-to fruit flavor. And, let’s not forget, Orange Sun is a Spinfuel Choice Award winner!

Once properly steeped Potion Vape’s BasicPotion line is full of flavor and vapor. Orange Sun and Black Cassis are prime examples of how much flavor they are able to deliver in a 50/50 blend. Still, there are Vapers that want a harder hitting eJuice, and if that’s you that I highly recommend that you go for the DynamicPotion formula where you can choose the PG/VG ratio and the amount of flavor. Any of these flavors that we’ve reviewed so far would hit harder with more PG.

We’ve discussed the buying advice for these two flavors and after a couple of hours we couldn’t come to any decisive decision. Orange Sun is simple, if you like orange then this is an orange blend that gets it right. But Black Cassis is going to be a gamble. Some will love it, those that like blackberries for example, and others won’t like it because as Julia mentioned, some will taste a sort of cranberry/raisin combination.

Finally, we’re back to the price of their 15ML bottles. $10.95 is a lot of money for 15ML of juice, and if you really like the flavor you’re going to vape it up pretty quickly. That leaves the 30ML bottle, which is priced well, and provides a few days to more than a week of juice, depending on how much you vape.

Potion Vape is a very interesting line of premium eLiquid, and we very much recommend trying their lineup. They do offer Sampler packs, from a 3-pack for $11.95 to a 5-pack for $17.95, each flavor comes in a 5ML bottle, a perfect way to “sample” their wares. So if you’re not convinced to try a 15ML or 30ML bottle then go for a sampler pack or two.

We still have several flavors to go, so until next Friday, keep on vaping!

Tom McBride, with Julia Hartley-Barnes, Keira Hartley-Barnes, and Jason Little.
Potion Vape eLiquid Review Spinfuel eMagazine
Potion Vape eLiquid Review Spinfuel eMagazine

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