October 28, 2013

Prohibitionists Use Tobacco Tactics to Lump eCigs with Real Ones

I'll be honest here. Prohibitionist articles are so common these days, they're beginning to sort of blur together in one giant lump of half truths and FUD. Sometimes, there are new underlying trends that can be picked out, like prohibitionists claiming that an old tobacco company tactic used was claiming a lack of conclusive data to delay regulations while the prohibitionists use the same language themselves to justify their actions. Another trend is to simply lump e-cigarettes in with smoking.

STONE: Are e-cigarettes the lesser of two evils?

One thing is certain, whether someone smokes or vapes, nicotine delivery is the name of the game … and nicotine addiction is big business. Between the big tobacco and e-cigarette companies, it’s a $100 billion plus industry with the aim for as many people to depend on their product as possible.

Simply put, e-cigarettes allow another opportunity for the cycle of nicotine addiction to continue. The ground health professionals have made during the past four decades to greatly reduce tobacco use stands to be compromised with the rising use of e-cigarettes.

As the case with illicit or even legal drugs, there are various ways to fuel an addiction. As the desire for nicotine grows, the quest for it will not stop at just vaping e-cigarettes.

And that is how you rephrase the gateway argument without sounding like the Simpsons' Chief Wiggam. Of course that doesn't make the argument any more valid.

Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!
Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!

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