October 28, 2013

SCAM ALERT: Vapex – The $99 Monthly Rip-off • Spinfuel Magazine

This eGo starter kit costs $99.95 plus taxes and shipping. What’s it have? A no-name battery, a generic disposable clearomizer (which the Vapex doesn’t seem to know how to spell clearomizer), a USB adapter and a whopping 10ML bottle of “tobacco” flavored eLiquid. Just 10ML you say? THIS 10ML bottle is equivalent to 55 Packs of tradiontal cigarettes!55 Packs!!!


Your very expensive eGo Starter Kit contains the following products:1x- 1 battery1x – wall charger, 1x disposable clearomizer,

1x 10ML bottle of e-juice (nicotine based liquid). 

How many people will fall for this scam? Too many. We see it much too often, and we will keep on seeing it until the government steps in and demands these companies reveal the real terms of these scams.

By singing up for this ridiculous program you will pay more than $100 a month for 40ML of cheap eLiquid and a 5-pack of cheap knock-off clearomizers. 

Please pass this Scam Alert around to anyone you know who might be tempted to sign up, who might not look at the Terms and Conditions, which they do a great job of hiding the link. In order to stop these awful scams we need to educate smokers and Vapers about the real cost of these products, and how they can obtain quality products for a FRACTION of the price these people want to rip you off for.

In this single web page, tryvapex.com they list 2 different addresses.

4525 S 2300 E #100
Salt Lake City, UT. 84117Vapex
197 East 800 North
Bountiful, UT. 84010CUSTOMER SERVICE: 800.554.5447


This Address seems to be the actual “corporate” address:

This is the address for Ozone Fitness, another scam business concerning an actual “online gym” that costs $59.99 a month. https://shop.ozonefit.com/tryozonefit/

Coporate Address:
44 W Monroe #1707
Phoenix, AZ. 85003

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