October 28, 2013

How Social Media Has Affected Vaping | Ecig Advanced News

You already know that social media has made enormous changes in today’s society, but did you know it has a huge effect on vaping? Here’s a sample of how social media has changed the game with electronic cigarettes:


Scott Rasak, Director of Marketing with Volcano Ecigs said:

At VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes, we use our social media as a two way street. It’s great to be able to inform our customers of exclusive sales and new product features, but more importantly we are able to assist with quick customer service questions and help our new customers get familiar with our products. We put a huge value on our social media strategy here at VOLCANO eCigs and enjoy being able to converse with all our customers and share some great content via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The relationships we are able to build with our customers online has helped reinforce our dedication to customer service and allowed us to grow in the social space as a premium brand of electronic cigarettes.

I asked Daniel from Alternate Cig howsocial media has affected his business:

I believe social media outlets are a good source to advertise and connect with your audience on a more personal level. If used correctly, they can benefit your business at large. It has allowed me to talk to people directly in a chat message to see their take and opinions on our company and allow room for suggestions and opinions. I am able to ask potential customers what they would like to see from our company, such as new unique e liquids, or adding more mods and hardware to our website. Talking to people and getting them to trust you and your business is critical and this is why social media outlets affect my business in a positive way.

And, do you think your business would be as successful as it is now if it wasn’t for connections through social media?

No I do not. Because of social media outlets, I now have hundreds of potential customers signed up on my website through different advertising campaigns I have ran through social media. Whether that being a contest, giveaway or posting a discount code, it has shown to be beneficial and I will continue to use these outlets to grow my business and succeed.

The question is, would the electronic cigarette industry be what it is today if it wasn’t for social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+? -Before these outlets, there would have been a lot of confusion and little direct info about devices and accessories, thus creating a much slower process for the consumer. From a business standpoint, it’s helped open many small businesses and create many more job opportunities.

How has social media outlets affected you as a vaper? Let us know in the comments below.

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