October 28, 2013

Jesse Kline: Don't believe the fear campaign — e-cigarettes can save millions of lives

E-cigarettes represent one of the most important breakthroughs in harm reduction technology. They have the potential to save millions of lives worldwide. But, as it turns out, not everyone is on board.
I love it when anti’s make insanely un-informed statements like Dr. Aw who said regarding e-cigarettes new marketing push.  e-cigarettes have been “the subject of an enormous marketing push,” which “seems calculated to make the act of smoking ‘cool’ again.”Yup he nailed it, our whole plan this time has NOT been getting away from tobacco, and has NOT been harm reduction.  But all along we wanted smoking to be ‘cool’ again.  I wonder if he listens to the things that come out of his mouth before he says them. Overall a good article, with some laughable arguments by the anti’s -Grimm

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