October 29, 2013

East London Official Terrorizing eCig Users and Merchants

Apparently, the mayor of Tower Hamlets are warning of the unknown dangers of e-cigarettes. Cautioning citizens to be wary of the devices. As an added bonus, shopkeepers are reminded that they could be held liable for the deaths of anyone using these devilish murder sticks.

E-cigarette warning to consumers and businesses in Tower Hamlets

Smokers switching to the latest trend for e-cigarettes and e-shisha pipes are being warned of the safety risk from the electronic devices and their chemical contents.

Businesses have also been dealt a stark reminder from Tower Hamlets Trading Standards that they could be liable for any death or injury resulting from the sale of a dangerous product.


When I read this article, I pictured in my head some raving madman with unkempt hair and a long, scraggly beard professing that the end is neigh. For their part, the local consumer products safety agency says there shouldn't be much of a problem with the devices.

Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!
Introducing the world's first Vapor Zeus!

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