October 29, 2013

Are eCigs Really a Gateway? New Study Investigates

By now you've all heard the clarion call of prohibitionists everywhere, e-cigarettes will lead kids to a life of smoking and loose morals, or something like that. Well, someone actually thought to find out if that was actually the case. And how do you do that? By finding smokers who were recently kids and ask them how they started. A study surveyed 1300 college students asked them about tobacco use and how they got started. The results aren't exactly the alarming trend we've been led to believe.

E-Cigarettes May Not Be Gateway to Smoking: Study

“We asked what the first tobacco product they ever tried was and what their current tobacco use looked like,” said researcher Theodore Wagener, an assistant professor of general and community pediatrics at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, in Oklahoma City.

Overall, 43 students said their first nicotine product was an e-cigarette. Of that group, only one person said they went on to smoke regular cigarettes. And the vast majority who started with e-cigarettes said they weren't currently using any nicotine or tobacco.

“It didn't seem as though it really proved to be a gateway to anything,” said Wagener, who presented his findings at a meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, in National Harbor, Md.

While encouraging, don't expect many prohibitionists to change their tunes, or even acknowledge the study even happened. For the rest of us, well, I guess a hardy “no duh!” is in order.

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