October 30, 2013

JD Vapor eLiquid Review • Spinfuel Magazine

JD Vapor eLiquid Review - The Spinfuel eMagazine Team Review
JD Vapor eLiquid Review

JD Vapor e Liquid Review

From the people that bring you MeeseTracks and Mellow Mango comes a new brand of eJuice. No… It’s not FanceeJuice, it’s JD Vapor, a spin-off brand from FanceeJuice. New flavors, new blends, new everything. How does JD Vapor compare with FanceeJuice? How does it stack up against all the other eLiquids on the market? Read this Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team review and find out.

John Manzione, Publisher of Spinfuel eMagazine recently talked with Dan Conner, co-owner and head mixologist at FanceeJuice and JD Vapor, Click the Toggle to open up the Interview. It’s short, but it does offer a lot of insight into JD Vapor.

JD Vapor officially launched a little more than a month ago now. The launch occurred at the Las Vegas VapeFest and the Vapers there went crazy over these new flavors. Spinfuel eMagazine was sent the complete JD Vapor lineup, nine (9) flavors in all, without any discussion of a review. It was more of a “Hey, thought you might like to taste our new brand”, then anything else.

After spending just a day with these new eLiquids we decided we had to review them. So, we wound up spending almost a full week with these juices to produce this new Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review. We hope you enjoy it!

JD Vapor eLiquid Review - The Spinfuel eMagazine Team Review
JD Vapor eLiquid Review - The Spinfuel eMagazine Team Review
The e Liquids

All eLiquids in the JD Vapor lineup are 50% PG and 50% VG, made with the same fine ingredients that make up the FanceeJuice line. Nicotine levels are 8mg, 12mg, 16mg, and 24mg, along with a non-nicotine version. 15ML and 30ML sizes are offered, at $7.99 and $13.99 respectively. Definitely non-premium prices, but the quality is certainly premium level.

Here is the list of JD Vapor e Liquids in this review, all 8mg nicotine
  • Campfire Crunch
  • Limonberry
  • Loco Coco
  • Choconutter
  • DC Limeade
  • JD Cola
  • Nana’s Bread
  • Lime Is Key
  • Schnickledoodle
Note* A new, time- limited flavor was recently introduced at JD Vapor. It’s called Pumpkin S’Pie’Ce. We’re not reviewing it below because we don’t have it. Hopefully we can bring you a solo review soon.

The setting for this review was mostly informal, and we decided after we had been vaping them for a day, so the eLiquids were vaped with the team member’s personal vaping gear only. This gear consisted of ProVape, Innokin, Kanger, SMOK, Halo Cigs, and Johnson Creek hardware.

A Word About Steeping

We’ve reviewed several eJuice brands that offer a line of juice consisting of 50% PG and 50% VG, and we’ve learned quite a bit about how much they differ from 80:20 or 70:30 blends. The most important is that In order to realize the full flavor profile of a 50:50 eLiquid, the eLiquids need a certain amount of proper steeping. By ‘proper’ we mean the amount of time, whatever method you prefer for home steeping should be fine.

A 50:50 blend that is vaped early has less flavor to offer than other blends that are higher in PG (Propylene Glycol). Since PG is the ingredient that carries the biggest share of the flavor in eJuice (besides the flavor concentrates of course), there needs to be adjustments made in the recipes and in the amount of time that an eJuice needs to mature. That’s why many Vapers complain, at first anyway, that certain eLiquid brands have very little flavor. Letting the ingredients ‘marry’ with at least a week or two of steeping (time that begins after the eLiquids are removed from your mailbox) will bring out whatever flavor is ultimately there. Sometimes, as you will see, 3 weeks or more are needed to fully mature an eLiquid.

A 50:50 PG/VG blend, when mixed with high quality ingredients, will always produce more vapor than an 80:20 or 70:30 blend will. VG (Vegetable Glycerin) plays the largest role in the production of vapor. We found that JD Vapor juices produced plenty of vapor when vaped, and was able to withstand higher voltages than high-PG blends which helps in producing a warmer vapor and a better throat hit.

JD Vapor Labels and Packaging

FanceeJuice, the parent company of JD Vapor, is generally regarded as an uber-premium eLiquid. The experience of being a customer of FanceeJuice is similar to being pampered at a 5-star hotel. Each blue cobalt glass bottle has an expensive label, is tamper-proofed with shrink-wrapped, and sits in its own sturdy cardboard tube, which is then wrapped with twine and sealed with a wax stamp. Inside the tube are two sheets of paper, one with the specific information about the juice in the bottle, flavor, nicotine, date of birth, etc., and one that serves as the official disclaimer about nicotine and safe handling. It is an expensive process, and once you get used to it you feel spoiled by other, less extravagant, delivery methods. JD Vapor avoids such things to cut cost and pass that savings to you. Thankfully the quality of the actual juice isn’t sacrificed in an effort to save money.

JD Vapor is bottled in a minimalist fashion; clear glass bottles, no cardboard tubes, no wax seal, and so forth. And unfortunately, since JD Vapor includes only a single sheet of paper that serves as the disclaimer for nicotine, there is no sign of when the eJuice was mixed, no ‘date of birth’, if you will. We think that’s a mistake and hopefully the date will be added to the label or the disclaimer sheet in the near future. While it won’t make a difference during the first year of operation, since properly stored eJuice should be good to vape for at least a year, it will later. Knowing the date your eJuice was actually mixed is vital to anyone who has a collection of juice larger than what will be consumed in a month’s time. The label does list the ingredients, nicotine level, and a nicotine warning. In any case, the clear glass bottle, the glass eyedropper, a high quality, full-color label, and the standard bubble bag are more than enough to suffice.

Lastly, JD Vapor is not merely a new line of flavors from FanceeJuice; it’s a completely different model. Even their flavor profiles are starkly different. They are less complex, they vape differently, and most of the flavors just wouldn’t fit the FanceeJuice lineup. JD Vapor may be a new ‘brand’, but the people behind it are experienced flavorists with talent to spare.

And with that… let’s begin


JD Vapor eLiquid Review - The Spinfuel eMagazine Team Review
JD Vapor eLiquid Review - The Spinfuel eMagazine Team Review
Loco Coco: “Usted Loco, Mae? A crazy tasty blend of a natural peach with a silky smooth coconut finish.” – JD Vapor

 Tom:  Loco Coco feels like the wrong name for this creamy peach flavored eLiquid. Before tasting it, before reading the description, I was so sure this was a chocolate eLiquid, some crazy chocolate concoction. And I was utterly and completely wrong.

Jason vaped Loco Coco before I did, and he came to me and asked me to try it. He told me it was the Loco Coco flavor and asked me to describe the flavor to him. My brain and taste buds were all set for chocolate and my first drag from the clearomizer was about as confusing as you could imagine. No chocolate at all. Instead, the first flavor I tasted was this sweet, creamy peach flavor. I told him he wasn’t telling me the truth, that this couldn’t be Loco Coco. He asked me to take another drag and to tell him if I tasted anything else. I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t, that all I could taste was a creamy peach. Not ‘peach and only peach’, but a real creamy peach, like peaches and cream in the food world. Maybe that creamy flavor is the coconut, the other flavor in Loco Coco, but I didn’t taste any ‘coconut’.

Loco Coco is a thoroughly satisfying creamy peach vape that produces massive amounts of vapor and provides a ‘better-than-I-thought-it-would’ throat hit. I loved it. I loved it as a creamy peach vape. 4.75 Stars

Julia: After talking with Tom about Loco Coco I knew this was going to be a flavor that people will disagree on. My first taste was coconut, followed by a sweet peach. No doubt that Tom is confusing the creaminess of the flavor with something else, but it is coconut. Sweet, milky coconut, combined with an authentic and deep peach flavor. Almost an all-day vape for me, but not quite. Super sweet flavors like this are flavors I just can’t vape the entire day.

Add thick clouds of vapor and a mild-to-moderate throat hit and you have an eLiquid I would vape any time. I don’t make it a habit of telling vendors they got their name wrong, but I do think it would be a good idea to let people know this is a peach and coconut blend. How about ‘Coco-Peach’ instead? I really enjoyed this one. –  4.75 Stars

Keira: Loco Coco is a splendid peach and coconut vape. Definitely more ‘peach’ than coconut, but satisfying in every way.  This is a peaches and cream experience, with very light coconut notes. I’m not sure I would categorize Loco Coco as a coconut-first flavor; I would instead push the peach flavor to my friends, and to our readers. If you want an eLiquid that will give you a satisfying coconut vape I’m not sure this is it, but if you’re looking for a super creamy peach flavor with coconut notes, then by all means dive right in.  Coco Loco is definitely going into my collection. 4.75 Stars

Jason: I suggested to the other team members that they vape a coconut flavor before vaping Loco Coco because if they were missing the coconut flavor then it was their fault, not the fault of JD Vapor. Maybe its because we vape so few coconut eLiquids that we’ve forgotten what coconut vapor tastes like. I don’t want to mislead anyone either, the coconut in Loco Coco is not very dominant, it’s subtle, but it is there.

Loco Coco is a fine all-day vape, providing solid flavor and vapor throughout the day. If you like peach flavors, or coconut flavors, Loco Coco is one to try. The price of a 15ml bottle is $7.99, a price that offers the opportunity to explore flavors you might not want to explore for budgetary reasons. Creamy, coconutty peach flavor notes, abundant, thick and flavorful vapor, and a moderate throat hit makes Loco Coco an ideal candidate as a prime all-day vape. 5 Stars

JD Vapor eLiquid Review - The Spinfuel eMagazine Team Review
JD Vapor eLiquid Review - The Spinfuel eMagazine Team Review
Coconutter: “We’ve been dying to put out a great peanut butter vape, and this is! A sweet and creamy chocolate pairs with our delicious peanut butter to take care of those sweet tooth cravings!” – JD Vapor


Tom: The enormous amount of flavor in Coconutter supports my suspicion that Campfire Crunch needs to steep more. This peanut butter vape is a rich, smooth, and full flavored juice that also puts out terrific vapor. The throat hit in Coconutter is really good considering the 8mg of nicotine. Makes me wonder how hard this will hit at 16mg. If you like peanut butter flavors in your vapor this is one you need to try. Just make sure you give it the time it needs to steep. 4.75 Stars

Julia: I remember last year’s peanut butter eLiquids being really awful. This year we’ve had a couple peanut butter eLiquids that were really good. Coconutter is a very flavorful, smooth, authentic peanut butter flavor with a hint of something I can’t quite identify but it’s really good. A vapor monster and a good throat hit make Coconutter a terrific choice for peanut butter fans! 4.75 Stars

Keira: I agree with the team that as far as peanut butter vapes go this is a really good one. Plenty of vapor, a more than decent throat hit, Coconutter is sure to please Vapers that love peanut butter vapes. The only thing is, I’m not a big peanut butter fan so while I enjoyed it I don’t think I’ll vape it again any time soon. But make no mistake, I did like it, I just don’t vape the flavor often. 4 Stars

Jason: Peanut butter flavor is difficult to make into an acceptable vaping flavor. Get it wrong and it really goes wrong. But if you get it right, man it is ever good. JD Vapor got it right, and I loved it. This is not an all-day vape for me, just too much peanut butter for me to take for long, but for Vapers looking for a good peanut butter eJuice, this is one that you should try. 4.5 Stars

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