October 31, 2013

College Student Keeps Smoking – Prohibitionist Success Story

We all know that prohibitionists have been spending a lot of time spreading fear of e-cigarettes to whoever will listen.  It looks like all that hard work has paid off, as every day Americans, particularly younger ones perceive e-cigarettes as similar in risk to tobacco.

College students say they don’t ‘NJOY’ e-cigarettes

Public relations major, Nico Quaratino, admitted that he had tried e-cigarettes in the past, but was not satisfied with their product. However, when asked about what product he thinks is the healthier alternative, the 20-year-old said, “I don’t think either of them are healthy because e-cigs are also really bad for you.” He continued, “I can’t imagine smoking on machines being much better than tobacco.”

There goes one guy who will happily remain a smoker for years. A job well done!

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