November 03, 2013



From comes a collection of handmade leather APV / Mod holders.  

These holders which they call a “Vambrace” are all had made from thick solid leather.  Everything from the cutting, stitching, coloring and tooling is all done by hand.  Which I find impressive because they included a small GrimmArmy logo on the bottom of the green one. 

The quality on these is through the roof.  They feel incredibly durable, if not just a bit on the stiff side.  These will REALLY protect your expensive APVs.  So far the VAMO and the zMax V3 fit in both of these really well.  You can adjust the laces on the back for getting it in and out. 

The iTaste SVD was a no go in the leather Vambrace due to the voltage / wattage adjustments being on the sides of the mod.  These are designed to fit most mods but not all mods.  So devices with a front and center control area like the VAMO will work just fine.  Others like the iTaste 134, or a bottom button Mech will not work. 

Their store is not up and running, but feel free to check out for more details about these handmade Leather Vambrace mod holders. 


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